Employee Updates

To perform a Bulk Update on Employee Records, navigate to the Employee Table in the Operations Module.  

    Note: ensure to perform any Employee Merges prior to performing Employee Updates as not all data will transfer when performing Merges.

Upon loading, export the table by clicking the Export button in the top right corner of the table

This action will produce a .csv file will the entire contents of the table included.  Open the file and make the desired edits.  When complete, save the file (ensure it is saved as a .csv).

Navigate to the Import Tool (Administration > Import Tool) and set the Option and Type as follows:

  • Options: Employee
  • Type: Update Existing

Upload the file containing the Employee Record changes that was recently saved.  Click 'Next' to proceed to Step 2 - Map Fields.

The available values should map automatically.  However, if a value does not map to a column properly, click the selection arrow on the drop down next to the value to manually select the column.  

    Note: the EmployeeID field mapped automatically and is located at the top of the list of mapped values

Click Next to proceed to Step 3 - Import.  Click the Import button to complete the update.  The EmployeeID values will be displayed as hyperlinks along with the success message