POS Employee Record

During POS import, R365 creates two records for each Employee in your POS System.  These two records are automatically linked to each other.  

  1.  POS Employee Record
  2.  Employee Record

  • The POS Employee Record is linked to the Employee Record by the 'Employee' field
  • Full Name, POS ID and Location cannot be edited
  • In place of using the Employee Merge function, the 'Employee' value can be manually updated to point the POS Employee Record to a different Employee Record.
    • When a manual change is made on the POS Employee Record, the system will prompt the User if they want to also delete the Employee Record that was previously associated with the POS Employee Record

POS Employee Mapping

If any of your Employees work at more than one Location (which is very common) the POS Integration will likely import multiple Employee Records for each individual Employee.  This is because the Employee exists with different POS IDs on each POS System.  When multiple Employee Records exist for a single Employee, those records must be merged in order for the Employee to gain user access to R365, be scheduled in the Scheduling Module, create Log Entries in the Manager Log Module and use the R365 Mobile App.  

Employee Records can be merged using the Employee Merge function.  Merging Employee Record will correctly merge the Employee Record and update the 'Employee' value on the POS Employee Record to point to the merged Employee Record.

Example Employee / POS Employee 

Hunter Bryant works at Location 1 and Location 2.  When the two Locations were integrated with R365, two Employee and two POS Employee records were created for Hunter Bryant:

The duplicate Employee Records were identified and the Merge function was used.  Now only one Employee Record exists for Hunter Bryant, while two POS Employee Records point to the merged Employee Record:

The POS IDs from the POS Employee Records are listed on the 'Location' tab of Hunter Bryant's Employee Record:

And 'Bryant, Hunter' is identified on each of the POS Employee Records in the 'POS Employees' list