This article is part of the Purchase Order Module. Click here for more information and training on Purchase Orders. If within the Smart Ops Release window, click here to learn how to invoice a Purchase Order.

Invoicing a Purchase Order turns the Purchase Order into an AP Invoice for Approval and cost flow.  A Purchase Order can be Invoiced using the following forms: 

  1. The AP Invoice form
  2. The Purchase Order form

Invoicing a PO: From the AP Invoice form

Invoicing a PO can occur on a blank AP Invoice, or on a completed AP Invoice.

Invoice PO

Create a new AP Invoice, then select the Vendor.  Next, hover over the 'Action' menu and select 'Invoice PO' to open the 'POs to Invoice' prompt.


Within this prompt, the Location and Vendor will be automatically selected, providing the User with a list of Available POs that can be turned in to AP Invoices.

Select the PO that will be invoiced, then click the 'Invoice PO' button.  When pressed, the header information and details from the selected PO will be transferred on to the new AP Invoice.

The AP Invoice will now be linked to the PO below the Approval Status, and three new columns will appear in the Details table:

  • Order Qty
  • Order UofM
  • Order Price

Note: As there may be discrepancies between the PO and what was actually received on the AP Invoice, please ensure to review and update the Quantity and Each Amount for each row in the AP Invoice.  When a difference exists between the Quantity and Ordered Quantity, or between the Each Amount and Ordered Each Amount, the cells will be flagged for review (similar to Vendor Contract Price Verification).

Match PO

Matching an Invoice to a PO is very similar to Invoicing a PO.  The difference is the details have already been entered or imported in to the AP Invoice form.  The Match function will be most utilized with Integrated Vendors where the AP Invoice has been imported into R365.  To perform the Match PO function, open the existing AP Invoice, then hover over the Action menu and select 'Match PO' to open the 'Match PO' prompt

Within this prompt, the User can review the list of Available POs that can be matched to the current AP Invoice:

Select the PO that will be matched, then click the 'Match PO' button.  Similar to the 'Invoice PO' function, the 'Match PO' function will link the two records together, displaying a link to the PO below the Approval status of the AP Invoice.  Also similar to the 'Invoice PO' function, any discrepancies will be highlighted for review.  This feature is more likely to be used when Matching imported AP Invoices to POs.

Invoicing a PO: From Purchase Order form

Purchase Orders can be invoiced from within a Purchase Order record that has been Submitted.  Hover over the Action menu on the PO form, then select 'Invoice PO'.  

A populated AP Invoice form will appear in a popup where the User can review the AP Invoice, update the Invoice Number and Save. 

  • Note: Other AP Invoice Actions (Approving, Copy etc.) are unavailable on this form