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Memorized Purchase Orders allows a User to create specific Purchasing Templates for individual Vendors.  These Templates can be scheduled and automatically created, or they can exist as manual templates that are only used when selected.  To review the list of Memorized Purchase Order Templates in your system, navigate to the 'Memorized Purchase Orders' list located in the left nav.

Creating a Memorized Purchase Order

Memorized Purchase Orders can be created from a previously completed Purchase Order Form.  After entering the relevant information in the PO Form, open the Actions Menu and select 'Memorize'

The 'Memorize Type' prompt will appear where the User can select to 'Create Non-Scheduled Memorized PO' or 'Create Scheduled Memorized PO'

Non-Scheduled Memorized PO

Click 'Create Non-Scheduled Memorized PO' then enter the template name.  Click 'Save' to save the Non-Schedule PO template to the 'Memorized Purchase Order' list

Scheduled Memorized PO

Creating a Scheduled Memorized PO has more options than a non-scheduled PO.  This feature allows the User to set a schedule on the Template so that the PO template will be auto-generated for the scheduled days in the Purchasing Assistant

1) Name of your Template - Enter the name for the template

  • Common template names include: 'Vendor Name' + 'Scheduled Days of the week' (i.e., 'Sysco Tues / Fri')

2) Day(s) to Repeat - Click to toggle each day that this Template will be auto-generated and appear in the Purchasing Assistant

3) Consumption Days - For each Day toggled in 'Day(s) to Repeat', set the Consumption Days for the weekday

  • Consumption days indicate the days that the product arriving on 'Weekday' will be used
  • As shown in the sample image above, when Tuesday and Friday are selected, the gaps between each selected day are automatically set as Consumption Days
  • Consumption Days are used in the Suggested Order calculation
  • If needed, Consumption Days can be updated on the PO forms when in use

4) Buffer Days - Set the Buffer Days to add to the Consumption Days for Suggested Ordering.  Buffer Days add extra days of sales to the Suggested Order calculation (padding your order for unforeseen spikes in Sales)

  • Note: Buffer Days can also be added on the Item Location Record to provide buffer days on a per item basis
    • Example: a frozen product that must be thawed, then marinated
    • A Buffer Day value of 2 on Item Location Record would ensure a two-days-worth advance of the product on hand
      • The Buffer Days on Item Location Record is used instead of the Buffer Days on the Purchase Order
      • Buffer Days can be updated on the PO forms when in use

5) Vendor Items - This table will contain each Vendor Item that was on the PO Form used to create the Memorized Template.  

  • Click the 'Add All Vendor Items' button to add every available Vendor Item for the Vendor
  • The Vendor Item order can be set by clicking and dragging specific Vendor Items into the desired sequence

6) Copy to Other Locations - Use this tool to quickly copy the template to other Locations

7) Memorize - Press this button once all changes are final and you wish to save this template into the Memorized Purchase Order list

Using a Memorized Purchase Order

Memorized Purchase Orders can be used to create PO using the following methods:

  1. Open the Memorized Purchase Order, hover over the Action menu and select 'Use'

  2. On a Purchase Order, hover over the Action menu and select 'Start with Template'

  3. On the Purchasing Assistant, click on 'From Template' below the Manual Orders section