This article is part of the Scheduling Module training.  Click here for more information on the Scheduling Module

Shifts are the detailed employee assignments on the schedule.  The shift form is generally opened as a popup window on the schedule screen, but can also be opened from other places in the application as described below.

Creating a Shift

New shifts can be created in 2 ways from the schedule screen and 1 other spot in the system:

  1. Double click any blank cell on the schedule or right click a blank cell and select 'New'
  2. Click the '+ Add Shift' button in the upper left hand side of the schedule (black box)

  3. To create a shift manually while not in the schedule screen, hover over 'Scheduling' in the top ribbon and click 'New Shift'

Open an Existing Shift

Existing Shifts can be opened using the following methods:

  1. On the Schedule Calendar - double click a Shift or right clicking and selecting 'Edit'
  2. From the Requests list (located in the left hand navigation under Scheduling - Requests) - Shifts can be opened to approve/deny requests such as shift trades, shift drops, and claiming open shifts

Shift Fields

The shift form has three tabs described below:

Shift tab

This is the primary tab of the form that contains general shift information.

1) Job - This drop-down is a list of all jobs for this location.  Selecting a job limits the employee lookup to employees who have that job at this location.  Selecting a job also shows templates for that job

2) Date - The shift date.  If the shift was opened from a spot on the schedule calendar, then it will default to that day

3) Start and End Times - The start and end of the shift

4) Employee - A drop-down menu of employees that is limited by the following criteria:

  • This location
  • Those assigned the job that is selected
  • Those assigned a specific Responsibility (if a Responsibility is selected)
  • A rating at or higher than a specific job selected (if a star Rating is selected)
  • A scheduling conflict
    • Note: If an employee has a scheduling conflict such as they are already scheduled for an overlapping shift or they've requested time off for the date and time on this shift, then they'll still show in the employee dropdown but with the word CONFLICT next to their name.  Hovering over the employee in the drop-down will show details about the scheduling conflict

5) Responsibility - This is a listing of the Responsibilities assigned to this job.  Selecting this will limit employees to only those who have that Responsibility.  For detailed information, refer to the Job Responsibility Training

6) Rating - If a star rating is selected, then employees are limited to those who have this rating or higher on the selected job.  For more details, refer to the Employees Tab section of the Job Training Article

7) Create Template (Template Functionality) - Shift templates are available to help fill out certain information on the shift.  If there is a common shift such as Evening Host that generally has the same details (Start Time, End Time, etc) then when saving the shift the first time, click the Create Template checkbox and a popup will appear allowing you to name the template.  Then, when you're creating a new shift and you select a job, all shift templates for that job will appear above the job field (as seen in image below).  Select a template by clicking it, and the fields on that shift will be populated from the template to save you time.  The fields a template will populate are: Start Time, End Time, Responsibility, and Rating

8) Alert Employee button - If an employee is selected in the Employee drop-down menu, then the Alert Employee button is shown.  Pressing this allows you to send an alert with this shift's details to the assigned employee.  It will be sent to the preferred contact method on their employee record (text/email/both)    

  • Note: No Employee Selected = Open Shift Alert button - If no employee is selected in the Employee drop-down, then the 'Open Shift Alert button' is shown. Pressing this allows you to select a group of eligible employees to alert about this open shift so that they can claim it. The alert will be sent to the preferred contact method on their employee record (text/email/both).

9) Publish Button - Clicking this will Publish this shift for Employees to see

  • Note: Only Users with the Primary Security Role of Full Access or Accounting Manager or the Secondary Security Role of Schedule Approval will be able to publish shifts and schedules

Site tab

The 'Site' tab on a shift allows you to associate this shift with a different address.  This is generally used if the employee will be working offsite, such as at a catering event, banquet, or party.  

This tab is very flexible and an address can be entered in the following ways:

  • Select a Site - You can select a Site in the Site drop-down menu if it already exists in your system
  • Create a New Site - If the Site doesn't exist in your system, you can type a name for the site in the Site field and a window will popup asking if you want to add this new site.  If you select 'Yes', then the address fields will be shown where you can add an address and save this site for future use
  • Temporary Change of Address - If you don't want to save a site but just want to enter a one-time-use address on this shift, then click the Change Address button and a window will pop up where you can enter the address for this shift without saving it as a site in the system

Request tab

Employees can make requests for the following: 

  • Time Off
  • Shift Trade
  • Shift Drop
  • Claim Open Shift

Once the employee submits this request, the Manager will be alerted and can choose to Approve or Deny the request.  You can do this by selecting your desired status in the 'Request Status' field and saving the Shift Form.  Additional detail about why the shift was Approved/Denied can be entered in the 'Request Comment' field for the employee to see.