This article is part of the Scheduling Module training.  Click here for more information on the Scheduling Module

Local Events allow you to enter events happening in the area (local sporting event, conference, etc) that might effect the restaurant and these will show on the scheduling screen to help when scheduling.

Creating a New Event - To create a new event, you can either manually enter or import the list.

Entering into Scheduling - To enter events, hover over 'Scheduling' in the top ribbon and click 'New Event'

Importing to Scheduling - To import events, go to hover over 'Administration' in the top ribbon and click 'Import'. 

When the 'Import' tab opens, select 'Event' from the first 'Options' drop-down menu., and then Upload your file.  Click here for detailed Import Tool Training

Viewing Local Events - To view the list of local events go to Scheduling - Events in the left hand navigation pane and then double-click the row of the event you want to open.  An image of the event form is shown below

Here is a view of where a local event shows in the Scheduling Screen, just above the column heading for that day (black box)