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Managers can make announcements for certain employees at their locations through R365 Scheduling. These announcements will then alert Employees through their preferred contact method (text or email or both), which is selected on their Employee record.

Create an Announcement

To create a new Announcement, hover over 'Scheduling' on the top ribbon and click 'New Announcement'. A new window will appear where the message can be typed and parameters can be set for the Location, Date, and Employees.

1) Announcement - The text box where you type your message

2) Start Date - The date you want the announcement to start showing for employees

3) Expiration Date - The date you want the announcement to stop showing for employees

4) Location - The restaurant Location that is sending out this message. Only one Location can be selected per Announcement

5) Upload Photo - An import button used to include an image if needed

6) Alert Employees Button - To alert employees of the announcement via text/email, click the 'Alert Employees' button and then select which employees to alert. By default all employees at your location are selected

View Existing Announcements

To view the list of current and past announcements, click 'Announcements' in the 'Scheduling' module located in the left-hand navigation pane and double click the row of the Announcement you would like to see or edit.