Each time you create a PDF (print a Report or print a Check), that PDF is saved by default in your downloads folder. For example if you print a check, it saves in the downloads folder as 'Check.pdf'. If you print another check it saves as Check (1), the next time as Check (2), Check (3) etc.

The limit to these files being downloaded is 101. Consequently, when you reach Check (100), a new dialog box will appear prompting you to save the file instead of downloading it as it did before. The same goes for each individual report type.

When you start getting the dialog box prompting you to save the file when you did not have to before, you can do the following:

1.  Open Windows File Explorer or My Computer

2.  Click on Downloads in the left hand navigation options

3.  Click on the column "Name" to order the downloads by name (so that all of your reports/checks will be together in order)

4.  Click on the first report/check, hold down shift and while holding shift scroll up until you get to the last of that report/check

5.  Click the last report/check while still holding shift and that will select all of the reports/checks from the first to the last

6.  Press delete to delete those files

Now you should be able to run the report/checks again without being prompted to save.