Daily Sales Summaries are imported automatically via the R365 Connect Tool. A Daily Sales Summary (DSS) file will be imported each day for the prior day's Sales and Labor. If a DSS is missing, the R365 Connect Tool will continually scan the POS every 15 minutes looking for it. The system will automatically attempt to import any DSSs that are missing or have been manually deleted. 

However, it's important to note that:

  1.  The R365 Connect Tool must be installed on the back office computer for Non-Cloud-based POS systems
  2.  Manually re-importing the missing DSS via the R365 Connect Tool is only available on Non Cloud-based POS systems and may not be available for all Users
  3.  POS systems vary in their data retention and not all POSs will store their data for 30 days. Reach out to your setup coach to learn more about your POS system

Click here to obtain a printable PDF of the R365 Missing DSS Steps provided below to place by your Back Office Computer.

Missing Daily Sales Summary

Prerequisites for Non-Cloud Based POS Systems

In the event that the Daily Sales Summary (DSS) does not automatically import, following the close of the preceding daily sales, try the following steps before contacting Restaurant365 Support:

  1.  Ensure that the Back Office Computer is running
  2.  Ensure that the Back Office Computer has an active internet connection

If the computer was off or the internet was down, the R365 Connect Tool cannot run. Making sure these prerequisites are met moving forward will ensure more successful DSS imports.

Troubleshooting Options:

  1. Manually Re-import the DSS via the R365 Connect Tool
    • Note: If the R365 Connect Tool cannot be found on the Back Office Computer, the User will need to contact Restaurant365 Support or wait until the next automatic import
  2.  Wait for the R365 Connect Tool to run
  3.  Contact R365 Support and request assistance in importing the missing sales.  Include the following details:

Out of Balance Daily Sales Summary

In the event that the Daily Sales Summary is imported and a Journal Entry is out of balance, you can delete that DSS record and let the R365 Connect Tool continually scan the POS for the DSS. Once the DSS is found, the system will import a new Daily Sales Summary.