This article is part of the Manager Log Module training.  Click here for more information on the Manager Log Module

Creating Log Entries

This article will describe the fields on the 'Logs View'.  Click here for instructions on Creating Log Entries

Logs View

The Logs View allows you to view and filter all Log Entries by Location and Log Category.  On this screen, a User can set the following:

  1. Which Locations to display
  2. Start Date
  3. End Date

Next a Log Category can be selected to display only Log Entries that have been assigned to that Log Category

Category View

Once a Category is selected, all the Log Entries will be listed out.

  1. Entry Type filter - select which Entry Types to include in the Category view.  All are selected by default.  Selections include:
    • Task
    • Note
    • Alert
  2. Add New Log Entry Buttons - click any of these buttons to create a new Log Entry in this Category.
  3. Log Entry Icon Type:

    1. Note – resembling a piece of paper
    2. Task – resembling a list
    3. Email Alert – resembling an envelope
    4. Text Alert – resembling two chat bubbles
  4. Flag Status
  5. Entry Text
  6. Category
  7. Location
  8. Entry Date
  9. Created By Info

Click here for instructions on Creating Log Entries

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