IMPORTANT NOTICE: The contents of this article are for the Legacy Stock Counts feature in the Legacy Ops module. Customers that are new to R365 as of 4/1/21 have been automatically updated to the new Smart Ops experience.

Customers that have been using R365 prior to 4/1/21 will be migrated to the new Smart Ops experience over the next several months. If you have received the Smart Ops experience upgrade, please download the R365 Red App and refer to the updated article.

Stock counts can be performed on a mobile device using the Restaurant365 Mobile App available for iOS and Andriod devices. Click here for more information on Stock Counts in Restaurant365 or here for more information on how to download and use the R365 Mobile App.

Users will be able to perform inventory counts using Stock Count Templates that have been previously created inside the full version (web) of Restaurant365. Two users can add to the same stock count on a mobile device as long as the mobile quantity is set to 'Add to Quantity' on a stock count. It is important to note, however, that once a stock count is in use on a mobile device or a desktop computer, it is best to use only one of those devices to conduct a stock count. If a User were to start a stock count on a desktop and then save, that count could then be continued on a mobile app, but two Users shouldn't use both a desktop computer and the mobile app at the same time for the same stock count. 

Navigate to Stock Count List


Once logged in, click the button in the top left corner and select Stock Counts. This will take you to the Stock Count List.

Open / Create Stock Count


To open an existing Stock Count, click the arrow on the right side of that count row. To create a new Stock Count from a Stock Count Template, press 'Templates' at the bottom of the screen. The Stock Count Template list will load.

Swipe left on the row of the desired Stock Count Template and a 'Use' button will appear on the right side of that row. Press the 'Use' button to create a new Stock Count. The new Stock Count will then load.

Enter Count Quantities

The User can now enter a Qty for each item row of the Stock Count.  

  • Note: for Items that have Multiple Count U of Ms (Inventory U of M, Count U of M 2, Count U of M 3), multiple Qty boxes will be present on the Stock Count screen.  Click here for more information on Multiple Count U of Ms

Use the number pad on your device to enter the Qty for each respective U of M and then click the 'Next' button on the number pad to move to the next field.

Save the Stock Count

When finished entering all quantities, click the menu button in the top right corner (the three dots / ellipses (...)). This menu contains the 'Save', 'Count Complete', and 'Delete' options. Always ensure to save the quantities entered. Clicking 'Save' or 'Count Complete' will save the data in the Stock Count while clicking 'Delete' will delete the Stock Count.  

  • Note: If the mobile device is offline while counting, the quantities entered will be saved to the device. When an internet connection is available the User can open the Stock Count and click 'Save' and the quantities will be uploaded in to Restaurant365.

Approve the Stock Count

The final necessary action is for a User with the requisite Security Role to Approve (lock) the Stock Count.  When Approved, the Stock Count will have an affect in the Accounting Module.  Users with the 'Accounting Manager' Security Role have the ability to Approve Stock Counts.  Additionally, Users with the Secondary Security Role 'Approve Stock Count' have the ability to Approve Stock Counts.