Stock Counts (Inventory Counts) are essential in the Restaurant365 Operations Module.  Through the use of Stock Counts, Users can obtain an accurate snapshot of the inventory in their restaurants.  A completed Stock Count becomes the Inventory Journal Entry in the Accounting Module with the distribution being calculated automatically and recorded on the Stock Count.  Additionally, the quantities entered on Stock Counts are utilized in several reports in Restaurant365.  Click here for more information on Stock Counts in Restaurant365

The process of Creating and Entering in a Stock Count via Browser is outlined below:

Navigate to Stock Count Template List

The Stock Count Template list resides in the Operations Module in Restaurant365.  Navigate to the Operations Module by selecting the Module Selector in the top left of the ribbon and selecting 'Operations'.  Next, navigate to the 'Inventory' subsection.  Click on 'Stock Count Templates' to load the list of Stock Count Templates

Create Stock Count from Stock Count Template

A Stock Count can be created from a Stock Count Template in one of two ways:

  1. Open the Stock Count Template Record -> Hover over the 'Action' menu -> Select 'Use'

  2. Select Stock Count Template Record -> Click 'Edit Selected' menu -> Select 'Use'

Upon 'Using' a Stock Count Template, a new Stock Count will open in a new browser tab

Enter Count Quantities

On the Stock Count screen, the User will enter the count quantities.  Count quantities can be entered in to the Stock Count in one of three ways:

  1. In the Browser window
  2. Via Excel Export / Import
  3. Via Restaurant365 Mobile App

In the Browser window

For Users interested in performing counts using pen and paper, the 'Count Sheet' can be printed via the 'Action' menu.  Hover over 'Action' and select 'Print Count Sheet'

This action will generate a Count Sheet that can then be saved as PDF and physically printed for performing inventory counts.  An example Count Sheet is shown below:

Upon completion on the Count, the User would then take the completed Count Sheet and enter the Count Quantities in to the Stock Count in Restaurant365.  This process is accomplished in the Stock Count window by clicking in the respective 'Quantity' fields and entering in the count quantity as shown below.  

  • Note: the User can utilize the 'Tab' key on their keyboard to go from one field to the next until the completion of data entry

Click to watch an animated GIF of Stock Count Manual Entry

Via Excel Export / Import

For Users interested entering count quantities in to Excel and then importing the count quantities in to the Stock Count in Restaurant365, this can be accomplished 'Export Count Sheet'.  Hover over 'Action' and select 'Export Count Sheet'


This action will generate an Excel version of the Stock Count that can then be updated with the quantities from the inventory count.  The User would then update the quantities in each 'Qty' column.  Column F (below, red) is the 'Qty' for the 'Inventory U of M' (found in Column E).  Column H (below, green) is the 'Qty' for 'Count U of M 2', and column J (below, orange) is the 'Qty' for 'Count U of M 3'.  Click here for more information on Multiple Count U of Ms

An example Excel Count Sheet  is shown below:

Upon completing the count quantities in the Excel file, save the file as a CSV and return to the Stock Count in Restuarant365.

Click the 'Import Stock Count' button on the Stock Count screen and select the file that was just updated and saved in Excel


Once the upload has concluded, the Stock Count quantities will be updated to reflect the values in the Excel file.

Click to watch an animated GIF of Excel Count Sheet Import

Via Restaurant365 Mobile App

Click here for detailed instructions on how to Perform Stock Counts via Mobile App

Save the Stock Count

When the Stock Count has been completed, ensure to Save the Stock Count via the 'Save' menu.  A saved Stock Count can still be edited by Restaurant Manager Users.

In addition to saving a Stock Count, Users can mark the Stock Count as Complete to signify to an Accounting User that the Stock Count is ready to be Approved.  Marking the Stock Count as 'Count Complete' will also perform the Save function to save the Stock Count data.  Hover over the 'Action' menu and select 'Count Complete'

Stock Counts that have been marked as 'Count Complete' will have the value of 'Yes' in the 'Count Complete' column in the Stock Count list:

Approve the Stock Count

The final necessary action is for a User with the requisite Security Role to Approve (lock) the Stock Count.  When Approved, the Stock Count will have an affect in the Accounting Module.  Users with the 'Accounting Manager' Security Role have the ability to Approve Stock Counts.  Additionally, Users with the Secondary Security Role 'Approve Stock Count' have the ability to Approve Stock Counts