Up to three separate item categories can be assigned to an item and are used in various reports to create subtotals or filters.

Reports that utilize Item Categories

AvT Analysis - Actual vs Theoretical efficiency with full drill down capability
Item Category Theo Variance - $ variance over time in any category per location (see trends of variances)
Item Price Change Analysis - see received cost fluctuations over time for each item
Item Theo Cost Analysis - (precursor to AvT Analysis)
Item Theo Variance - drill down FROM item category thoeo variance - shows item by item total variance $ trends

View/Edit Item Categories

You can open an existing item category in 2 ways:

  • Operations - Inventory - Item Categories in the left hand navigation, and then click on the one you want to open


  • Or, on an item form on the Item Categories tab, click the blue title next to the item category you want to open (as pictured below)


Create New Categories

Item categories can be created using any of the following methods:

  • On an existing Item Category form, click Save & New and this will open a new form where you can enter the category name and then save it


  • Or, on an Item form on the Item Categories tab, type in the text of the new Item Category you want to add in the Item Category field and then hit tab and it will popup a window asking if you want to add this new category.  Click Yes and the item category form will open with this new name so that you can save it


  • Using the Import Tool, select 'Item Category' as the 'Option', and 'Create new' as the 'Type' as shown below.  Download the template by clicking 'Download Template' to proceed to complete the template in your preferred spreadsheet application.
    • Note: the 'Type' column on the template should be filled with the Item Category Number Type: 1, 2, or 3.