The R365 Inventory Master Template is a five part template that allows Users to create the following:

  • Purchased Items (Inventory)
  • Vendor Items
  • U of Ms
  • Stock Count Templates
  • Item Locations

Work with your Setup Coach or a member of the R365 Operations Team as you complete this template

NameVersionRelease DateFile LinkDocumentationComments
Inventory Master Template V3.13.110/25/2017linkrefer to 1.0
V3 has improved on V2 and included a new 'Item Locations' Macro that will use existing data on the template to auto-create each of your Item Locations
Inventory Master Template V22.04/27/2017linkrefer to 1.0V2 of the Inventory Master Template. UofM Equivalencies have been removed, and new best practices have been put in place regarding Item naming conventions
Inventory Master Template V11.01/6/2017linklinkV1 of the Inventory Master Template. Includes Items, Vendor Items, UofMs, Stock Count Templates, and Item Locations