Disclaimer: This template is mainly used internally by R365 Ops Coaches to import a large amount of items into an instance. You may use this if you have completed implementation and are familiar with importing information into R365.

The R365 Inventory Master Template is a five-part template that should be completed in this order: 

  1.  Copy all Vendor Items information into the grayed out Columns (E-F)
  2.  Categorize your items in Columns A-C
  3.  Name your items what your team calls it in Column D
  4.  Align your UofMs in Columns J-L
  5.  Assign your Cost and Inventory Accounts on each item in Columns M and N

After completing these steps, you can break this file into three different imports:

  • Purchased Items (Inventory)
  • Unit of Measure
  • Vendor Items

It is important to note that Item Categories and Units of Measure must be created first before completing and importing this Inventory Master Template; otherwise, the import will fail. Work with your Operations Coach as you complete this template. 

NameVersionRelease DateFile Link
Inventory Master Template V6605/26/2020

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