The Item Transfer form allows you to record Item Transfers between Locations. This will ensure your Item Inventory levels are adjusted as you transfer items.

To create a new Item Transfer, hover over the 'Item' menu, then the 'Transactions' sub-menu and select 'Item Transfer' 

The Item Transfer form will open in a new tab. 

Item Transfer Form

Step 1: Update the Header fields

Number: The transaction Number is auto-generated and should not need to be changed.  The Number prefix can be adjusted on the Autonumbering page
Date: The date of the Item Transfer
Transfer From: Restaurant item is being transferred from
Transfer To: Restaurant item is being transferred to
Comment: Summary comment regarding the transfer

Step 2: Enter the item, quantity and a detail comment (comment is optional) of each item being transferred and click 'Add' to add each line item

Step 3: Once you have completed the header and added all the items being transferred, select ‘Save’ in the top ribbon.  

Step 4: Now that you have saved the ‘Item Transfer’ you can print a ‘Transfer Sheet’.  To do so, hover over the 'Action' menu and select ‘Print Transfer Sheet’.

A new window will appear. Click on the 'Save' icon to create PDF and print.

Now that you have printed the transfer sheet, select ‘Save & Close’, or 'Approve & Close' to finalize the transfer.

To review existing Item Transfer records, open the ‘Inventory Transactions’ list in the Operations module: