Reference Only: This article reviews Legacy Waste Logs which were deprecated in 2022. Please refer to the current documentation for Entering Waste Logs

Waste Logs allow you to account for Inventory Item Waste. The Waste Log form is very similar to the Item Transfer form.


Ensure that you have a ‘Waste Account’ assigned to the Purchased Items that will be recorded as waste. The Waste Account is set on the 'Inventory Cost' tab of the Purchased Item record. This value can be updated one by one, on each respective record, or can be updated for several items at once using the Import Tool. Refer to the Import Tool training for more information on 'Update Existing'.  

Once you have the waste account assigned to your items you will be able to create a Waste Log.

Enter a Waste Log


To begin, hover over the 'Item' menu, then the 'Transactions' sub-menu and click ‘Waste Log’. The Waste Log form will open in a new tab. 

Update the header information. The ‘Number’ is auto-generated by the system. You should not have to change this. ‘Date’ is the date the Waste occurred. ‘Location’ is the Location where the waste occurred. ‘Comment’ is an optional field.

Once you have updated all the header information, you are ready to add the detail line items to the ‘Waste Log’. 

  1.  ‘Item’ is the item that you are recording the waste for. Simply start typing the name of the item and then select the appropriate item from the drop down list (note: Only the items that you have assigned a Waste Account will appear in the Waste Log Item List)
  2.  Next, tab to the ‘Quantity’ Field. Enter the quantity of the item you are recording the waste for
    • Note: the item quantity should be entered as a negative number to remove from stock
  3.  Next, tab to the comment field to enter a comment if needed. Next, click on the ‘Add’ button to add the detail line item to the waste log
  4.  Repeat these steps for each line item

Once you have entered all the line items to the waste log, click on Save & Close or Approve & Close depending on your security role.

To review existing Waste Log records, open the ‘Inventory Transactions’ list in the Operations module.