The 'Unapprove' option is available on 'Approved' Transactions to Users that have the associated 'Unapprove' Permission.

The Permission Access Report can be used to determine which User Roles or Users already have these Permissions assigned. Learn more about User Setup and Security here

If your User has the associated 'Unapprove' Permission and you are viewing an 'Approved' Transaction but do not see the 'Unapprove' button, the Transaction is in a closed period. Learn more about closed periods here.

Reopen a Closed Period

If you would like to unapprove the transaction then you would need to reopen the period in order to be able to unapprove and make changes to it. To reopen the period, follow the same instructions as closing a period in the link above. 

For the unapprove button to be available, the Closed Date field on the Legal Entity record for the necessary Legal Entity needs to be later than the date of that transaction.

  • Note: If your Organization utilizes Advanced Close, this field will be hidden. Rather, navigate to the Fiscal Year Maintenance Screen and open the closed period. Refresh the desired transaction and the 'Unapprove' button should appear.