The 'Location Reporting Categories' tab resides on the System Preferences screen. Click here for more information on System Preferences. On the 'Location Reporting Categories' tab, Users can create and define Location Reporting Categories that will then be set on the Location Record. Location Reporting Categories will appear on the Location Record in the order in which they are entered on the Location Reporting Categories tab. Up to 10 different Location Reporting Categories are available for Users to utilize.

Create Location Reporting Categories

Enter and save desired values as Location Reporting Categories on the 'Location Reporting Categories' tab of the System Preference screen. These Location Reporting Categories will then be available on the Location Record.

Create Location Reporting Category Values

Upon performing the above task, the 'Reporting Categories' tab will be visible on the Location Record containing the User Defined categories along with drop-down selectors.  The User would then need to create values for each of the User Defined categories.

To create values for the Location Reporting Category, click on the Location Reporting Category name hyperlink to the left of the drop-down selector.  This action will open the Location Categories Form where the User can then enter and save values for the specific Location Reporting Category.

Once all necessary Location Reporting Categories have been created, the values can be assigned to each Location as needed.

Assign Location Reporting Category Values to Location Record

Open each Location Record and navigate to the 'Reporting Categories' tab. Select each desired Location Reporting Category Value and save the Location Record.

Using Location Reporting Categories

In 'My Reports'

After all of the above steps have been completed, the Location Reporting Categories will be available on various reports in My Reports. For Reports that can be ran by 'Location', 'Group', or 'Legal Entity' (such as all P&L Reports), the User-defined Location Reporting Categories will now be present in the same filter selector.

Once in the Report, the User will be able to add additional filters based off of the Location Reporting Category Values that were created and assigned to each Location.

On the Check Run

When performing a Check Run, you also have the option of filtering by Location Reporting Category.