The 'Accounts' tab resides on the System Preferences screen.  Click here for more information on System Preferences.  On the Accounts tab, System-wide Account settings are set.  The values provided in these settings will be used as the Default Accounts throughout the System.

1) Accounts Payable - set the Default Accounts Payable GL Account for all AP Transactions

2) Accounts Receivable - set the Default Accounts Recievable GL Account for all AR Transactions

3) Credit Expected - set the Credit Expected GL Account used on the 'Vendor Credit Expected' field on an AP Invoice transaction

4) Retained Earnings - set the Retained Earnings GL Account used for year-end close

5) Undeposited Funds - set the Undeposited Funds GL Account that will populate the 'Undeposited Funds' on the Bank Deposit screen, as well as match Undeposited Funds on the Bank Activity Screen

6) Checking - System wide default Checking Account.  Optional field

7) Food Sales - System wide default Food Sales Account.  Optional field

8) Sales Tax - set the Sales Tax Payable GL Account used on taxable AR Transactions