The easiest way to find transaction details when you know 1 or more criteria such as the amount, date, location, GL account, etc is using the Transaction Details list.  Searching by amount is most common so our example below will search for transaction details with the debit amount of $190.52.  Scrolling through this list you will see many columns with information about those transactions such as which bank reconciliation or deposit they're on or if they've been matched to a bank activity record.

  1. Go to Transaction Details list under Accounting - Home - Transaction Details in the left hand navigation pane
  2. Scroll to the column you wish to search by and in the search box just below the column header type the criteria you're looking for

  3. If you'd like to include other search criteria such as date, location, GL account, etc then type that in the corresponding search boxes of the additional columns
    • To search for a date range instead of just 1 date, click the arrow at the top right corner of Date header, hover over Filter dropdown, and then select "Is after or equal to" and put the start date in 1st box and "Is before or equal to" and end date in 2nd box and click Filter


  4. Once you've entered all your search criteria, press the Go button on the right of ribbon above the column headings

  5. This will return a list of the transaction details matching your search criteria and then to open the transaction double click the row
    • The list can also be exported to Excel by clicking the Excel Export button in the upper right side of page


  6. If the search doesn't produce the desired results, sometimes its best to simplify the search to less criteria such as only searching by amount and then press Go again.