To customize the User Experience, Organizations can set the color theme of the system.  The system comes with various saved color theme options to select from and new custom themes can also be created by the user.


The theme builder is available in the top ribbon under Administration - Theme Builder for users who have the User Setup security role.  Setting a color theme as default will change the theme for all users in your organization (not just the user who makes the change).

Using Theme Builder

The theme builder window will be displayed near the top right hand side of the application with many color fields available to set (pictured below).

Custom Colors

In the top portion of the theme builder there are various color settings with sections for different parts of the application.  The first section titled Ribbon will set colors for the top ribbon in the system.  The user has control over setting background colors, dropdowns, the color when hovering over something, font color and more.  The section titled Left Panel controls coloring of the left hand navigation pane.  The final section titled Components controls the color of many components of the system such as tabs, buttons, and other controls on various screens.

Custom Logo

If you want a custom logo in the upper left side of the main ribbon, this is also controlled in this section of the Theme Builder under the section titled Ribbon Logo.  Click the button titled "Upload Ribbon Logo", then browse out and select the logo image on your computer and it will be replaced with your selected picture.

One element currently not controlled by theme builder are colors in the lists (such as All Transctions list, Vendors list, etc).

Saving a Theme

The bottom portion of the Theme Builder has various buttons described below:

  • Dropdown list - this is where you choose from the list of saved themes.  This includes themes that come out of the box with the system and custom themes your organization creates
  • Set as Default button - this button will set whichever theme is selected in the dropdown as the color theme for all users in your organization
  • Save button - if you've made changes to a saved theme, then hit the Save button to save these changes.  (Note that out of the box themes that come with the system cannot be modified and saved)
  • Delete button - allows you to remove a custom saved theme.  (Note that out of the box themes that come with the system cannot be deleted)
  • Add New Theme text box - if you're creating a custom theme, this is the box where you type what you will name that theme
  • New button - after typing the new theme name, press this button to save the new theme