In Restaurant365, unique identifiers are essential in maintaining the integrity of your transactional data.  To allow for the easy creation of unique records, many transactions have an Autonumbering feature that is managed under the Administration section of the Accounting Module.  Only Users with access to the 'Administration' subsection of the Accounting Module can access and modify these records.

Managing Autonumbering Values and Prefixes

The Autonumbering page is located in the 'Administration' subsection of the Accounting Module.  Each available Autonumbering option will be displayed on this page.  

The left column contains the description of the Autonumbering option (i.e., 'Next AR Invoice #'), while the right column contains the Prefix to the Autonumbering Number (if any).  

Each Autonumbering 'Number' value in R365 contains a minimum of 6 digits by default.  Therefore, if the number value on this page is '1', the next Autonumbering value that would appear on the corresponding transaction would be '000001'.  

When an Autonumbering value has a Prefix, the value in the Prefix column will be prepended to the number value (i.e., 'CM000001').  If the Prefix column is blank, the number will be used by itself (i.e., '000001').  

To save any adjustments to the next number, or prefix, make the adjustments in the corresponding field, then click the 'Submit' button to the right of each Autonumbering line item.

Example Autonumbering Outcome

  • Next AR Invoice # = 83
  • Prefix = AR

  • AR Invoice Number = AR000083