This report shows each transaction that has hit an account (or multiple accounts) within a selected date range.  This report can be run from My Reports and is also the report that the P&L, Trial Balance, and Balance Sheet drill down to when you click on an amount on those reports to see more details.  Clicking on the blue link in the Ref. Number column of this report will open that transaction.

Once the report is opened there are some parameters at the top the user can set that will change how the data is displayed:

  • Account - select which accounts to be included.  Click the checkbox next to each account desired.  Note that the report will take longer the more accounts that are selected and selecting too much data in this report may cause it not to render.
  • Parent - determines whether include sub-accounts of the account selected in the Account parameter or whether to just show that account only
  • Filter By - determines whether to show all locations or limit to a specific set of locations based on Legal Entity, Group, or the Location list
  • Filter - if Filter By is set to Location, Legal Entity, or Group then select which specific ones you wish to view
  • Start - start date for report
  • End - end date for report.  Note, report cannot span more than 2 fiscal years.  If a larger date range is selected then the data from earlier years will be summed up in beginning balance number
  • Show Unapproved - whether to show unapproved transactions or approved only
  • Calendar - base calculations on fiscal or operational calendar
  • Sum by Transaction - if Yes then details for this account on the same transaction (such as multiple rows in one journal entry to this account) will be summed up.  If you wish to see in full detail then select No.  Note: When running the report with Sum by Transaction selected as 'Yes', the memo field will randomly select one line item comment to display in the memo field.  If you select Sum by Transaction as 'No' then all detail lines will show on the report with each respective memo/comment.

Once desired parameters are selected, click View Report.