The Franchising Module assists restaurant groups in tracking Franchisees, each Franchisee Location, Contracts, Franchisee Daily Sales, and automates Franchisee Billing/ACH Payment Collection.  To activate the Franchising Module, please contact your Sales Representative or R365 Support.


Any User that will use the Franchising Module must have the 'Franchising' security role assigned to their User Profile. The following Security Roles provide limited access to Franchisee Users:

  • Limited Accounting Clerk - Similar to the Accounting Clerk role except that the User cannot Approve any transactions
  • Limited Accounting Manager - Similar to the Accounting Manager role except more restrictive. This role enables Users to enter transactions but not Master Records; view, save, edit, approve, and delete all transactions; and have full access to Fixed Assets, including  Fixed Asset Master records

Click here for more information on Security Roles.


To access this module, select it from the drop down at the top of the left hand navigation pane.


The Franchisee Record represent the group or entity that you will be billing for Franchise Fees etc.  Click here for more information on Franchisees.

Franchise Location (Store)

The Franchise Location Record represents the Stores that are owned by the Franchisee.  Click here for more information on Franchise Locations.

Franchise Daily Sales

Use this form to enter, or import via template, the Daily Sales for the Franchise Locations.  Click here for more information on Franchise Daily Sales.

Franchise Reviews

Franchise Reviews allows you to track details about each review you conduct of Franchisee Locations.  More information on franchisee reviews is found on Franchise Locations article.

Franchising Fees

The fees assigned to each Franchisee Location that will be billed to that Location on a regular basis. Create a new Sales Item for any necessary Franchisee Fees and then assign the necessary fees to the 'Franchisee Additional Info' tab of the Franchisee Location record. More information on Franchise Fees is found on Franchise Locations article.

Franchise Billing

The process you can run to auto-create AR Invoices to bill each of your Franchisees for fees incurred in a specific date range.  Click here for more information on Franchise Billing.

Entering AP Invoices on behalf of your Franchisee

The AP Invoice form can be used by a Franchisor to enter and pay an expense on behalf of a Franchisee.  This expense is then passed onto the Franchisee during Franchise Billing.  Click here for more information on AP Invoice: Franchising