This article is part of the Franchising Module training.  Click here for more information on Franchising

Franchisees are the top level group in the Franchising Module that may own one or more Franchise Location (Stores).  On this record you store details about this franchisee, how you will bill them, view their list of stores, and create and view people who are your Contacts at this Franchisee.

To view existing franchisees go to Franchising – Franchisees in left hand navigation and click on the one you want to open

To create a new Franchisee go to Franchising – New Franchisee (in ribbon) and populate the fields as described below:

  • Populate the Name (required) and then populate other fields as desired
    • An important field is Billing Option which drives how AR Invoices get created when the Franchisee Billing process is run.
      • 1 bill per franchisee:  one AR Invoice will get created for this franchisee showing all fees at all of their franchisee locations.  The bill will have one row for each Fee.  Selecting this option will display the 'Billing Customer' field and that field will be required (this will be the customer on the invoice that gets created)
      • Franchisee - Single Invoice:  a single Invoice for all Franchisee Locations
      • Franchisee - Separate Invoice per Store: separate Invoices for each Franchisee Location
  • The Stores tab shows a list of this Franchisee’s Locations (stores). Stores are assigned to a Franchisee on the Franchisee Location (Store) record.  Refer to the Franchisee Location article for more information
  • The Franchisee Contacts tab is used to view and add contacts for this Franchisee