Restaurant employees can access their own schedule and make requests such as time off and shift trades through the mobile app or a web browser.

For Locations that use V1 Scheduling, Employees are setup to access both the mobile app and web application with these same steps:

  1. Open the Employee Record and complete all of the required fields, including the 'Preferred Contact Method'
  2. Click the 'App Access' check box and save the Employee Record
  3. Press the 'Send Temporary Password' button to send an email or text to the Employee with a temporary password and a link to login to the application

V2 Scheduling can only be accessed via mobile app for Employees. Click here for detailed information on Employee App Access.


The scheduling interface in a Browser is different on the R365 Mobile App; however, the functionality is the same.  Screenshots of both will be provided under each function below.

Mobile Access

  1. Download the R365 Mobile App for iOS or Andriod from your app store and login using the login and password sent by the system
  2. Once logged in, the Menu will load automatically.  If you click out of the Menu, you can re-open it by clicking the three Menu bars icon ()

Web Access

  1. Click the link in the in the alert sent by the system with your login and password.  It may be beneficial to save this website as a favorite for each access in the future
  2. The first time you login you'll be asked to change your password
  3. Once logged in you will see the schedule calendar with any published Shifts as well as Announcements from the Manager

My Profile

This is where you can manage your personal contact info, view your recent time clock punches, and manage which days you're available for scheduling.  There are 3 tabs on this screen (along the bottom in the mobile app and near the top in the web browser): Info, Punches, Availability.


Click 'View Profile' under your Name on the main menu.


Hover over your name in the upper right corner and select 'My Info'.

This is where you set personal contact info such as your photo, email, phone #, and address. Preferred Contact Method is an important field.  This can be set to Text, Email, or Both. 

When the manager sends out employee communications, it will be sent to you based on what you've selected here. If you select Email then you must provide an email address and if you select Text then you must provide a mobile phone.

When finished updating your information, click Save.



Punches tab

This is a read-only view of recent time clock punches as imported from the POS nightly. An Employee won't be able to view their punch information regarding a shift they worked until the data is available in R365 the following day. 



Availability tab

This tab allows an Employee to mark their work availability.




In the mobile app, this first shows a summary view of availability for every day of the week. Click the Edit in the top right corner to change availability. This will open a screen where you manage 1 day at a time (second screenshot below).  It defaults to the first day of the week, but using the day dropdown at the top of the screen you can change to a different day of the week. Availability can be set as 'Available All Day', 'Unavailable All Day', or you can set specific availability start and end times. When finished setting that day, click Save in the upper right corner.


In a web browser, it shows your availability for all days of the week and you can edit any of them all in the same screen.


Employees will receive push notifications when Schedules and Announcements are published. Tapping on a notification will send the Employee to the source of the notification within the mobile app.

Whenever an Employee submits requests, his/her Manager will receive a SMS/Email notifying him/her of the request. These requests include: Availability Change, Time Off, Shift Trade, and the first Shift Claim for an Unassigned/Offered shift.

Shifts Tab

To view shifts in the mobile app, click Shifts from the main menu.  In the web browser, click Schedule in the left hand navigation pane.  This is where you can view your upcoming scheduled shifts or unassigned shifts to be claimed, and make requests on them.  In the mobile app, Shifts and Unassigned Shifts are separated into tabs at the bottom of the screen.  In the web, they are both accessed on the schedule calendar screen.


This is where you view your upcoming shifts.  Swiping left on a shift will pull up the option to Trade or Drop that shift.  Click here for more information on Schedule Requests


Clicking the shift, instead of swiping, will open the shift details.  On the shift details form, there are 2 tabs at the bottom to view the shift details (Shift Form tab) or make a request to drop or trade this shift (Request tab).  If this shift is at a site other than the restaurant location, you can scroll to the bottom of the shift to see the site name and address and can click the Open Map button (orange arrow in image below) to open a map on your phone of the site.

Unassigned Shifts tab


This displays unassigned shifts you are eligible to claim.  To claim a shift, click the shift, click on the Requests tab, and the press the Claim button.  Click here for more information on Schedule Requests

Catering Site Information

If a shift was created for a Catering Site, this shift will have an icondisplayed on the shift card. The specific Catering Site information will be displayed on the full view of the shift details.


This is where you both view existing shifts and claim unassigned shifts.  Unassigned shifts are listed in the top row of the calendar and your assigned shifts are shown in the next row.


To view details of an existing shift, double click on the shift and the details form will pop up.  This pop up has 3 tabs, Shift (where you view shift details), Site (where you see the address if this shift isn't at the restaurant), and Request (where you can trade or drop the shift). Click here for more information on Schedule Requests.


To claim an unassigned shift, double click that shift on the calendar and it will open in a pop up window.  Click the Request tab of that window and click the Claim button which will alert your manager. Click here for more information on Schedule Requests.


In mobile, click Announcements from the main menu to see all active announcements from the Manager.

In the web browser, announcements are shown below the schedule calendar which is accessed from the left hand navigation by clicking on Schedule.

Request List

This is where you can view the status of pending requests such as time off, shift trade, shift drop, or claiming an open shift. Click here for more information on Schedule Requests.  Time off requests are also made from this screen.

In mobile, to create a new time off request, click the "+ Time Off" button in the top right corner of the Requests List.  Time off requests are described in more detail later in this training.


In the web browser, the request list is accessed from the left hand navigation by clicking Requests.  Double click a row to open that request.


To create a time off request, click Scheduling - Time Off Request from the top ribbon.

Change Password

Click this if you want to change your password and a window will open for you to provide the old password as well as a new password and the press Save.  In mobile it is located in the main menu.  IN the web it is located by hovering over your name in the top right corner and selecting Change Password.


Click this to logout of the app.  In mobile it is located in the main menu.  In the web it is located by hovering over your name in the top right corner and selecting Log Out.