Documents to Process is a feature in Restaurant365 that allows Users to upload a PDF or scanned image of an AP Invoice (or AP Credit Memo) to the system and then enter the details of the transaction at a later time.  The recommended file format for use in Documents to Process is PDF.  Various Vendors will provide Invoices electronically (in PDF form) while other Vendors will only provide physical copies of Invoices.  When physical invoices are received, a User can utilize any scanning technology to produce a PDF scan of the physical invoice (Scanner used in conjunction with a Computer, Scanner/Copier, or various mobile apps that allow the User to scan documents and immediately convert the images to PDF).  The PDF that is produced can then be uploaded to the system

Click here for more information on Documents to Process: Upload Methods

Uploading Files via AP Automation

Step 1 - Set up AP Automation in Preferences

AP Automation must be setup prior to Users/Vendors being able to email attachments for automatic upload.  Click here for more information on AP Automation

Step 2 - Send an Email with Documents to Process attachement(s) to the specified Email address

Any individual (User or non-user) can now send an email with an attachment (in a Supported File Type) to the specified Email address.

  • Note:  if the email address of the sender exists within Restaurant365 (as a User's email address) the attachment(s) will be routed to the Location folder that represents the Default Location that is assigned to the User's profile within Restaurant365.  If the email address is not associated with any Users in the system, the attachment(s) will be routed to the 'Invoice' folder within the FTP Site.  Please refer to the FTP Site directory structure for more information

Step 3 - Attachment(s) are automatically imported in to Documents to Process

Restaurant365 will monitor the specified Email address via POP3 and automatically import any supported file attachments in to Documents to Process