Documents to Process is a feature in R365 that allows Users to upload a PDF or scanned image of an AP Invoice or Credit Memo to the system and then enter the details of the transaction at a later time. The recommended file format for use in Documents to Process is PDF. Various Vendors will provide invoices electronically (in PDF form) while other Vendors will only provide physical copies of Invoices. 

When physical invoices are received, a User can utilize any scanning technology to produce a PDF scan of the physical invoice (scanner used in conjunction with a Computer, Scanner/Copier, or various mobile apps that allow the User to scan documents and immediately convert the images to PDF). The PDF that is produced can then be uploaded to the system.

Click here for more information on Documents to Process: Upload Methods

Uploading Files via Manual Upload

Manual upload only supports the uploading of one file at a time. Files can be uploaded via the Documents to Process window or via the Vendor menu in the top ribbon.

  • Documents to Process - Click the 'Upload Document' button below the preview section of the Documents to Process list view

  • Vendor Menu - Hover over the 'Vendor' menu in the top ribbon and select 'Upload File'

Both routes will open the 'Upload Files' modal.

When the modal opens, click 'Browse' to search for files or simply drag and drop files into the modal. Then, click 'Upload' to import the files. For all image (jpg, png, pdf) files, the following assign options will also appear:

  • Document Type - The type of document
  • Location - The Location that received the document
  • User - The User assigned with the task of entering the document in R365
  • High Priority Checkbox - Checking this will mark this as a high priority entry
  • Upload - Click this button to upload the file(s)

Finally, a Success message will appear after the upload is complete. Click 'Upload More Files' to upload more files or 'Dismiss' to exit out of the window.