The Mass DSS Review makes it easy to review and approve several Daily Sales Summaries at once.  Hover over the 'Account' menu and select 'Mass DSS' to open the Mass DSS Review screen in a new tab

Once the screen loads, set each Mass DSS parameter:
  • Select the Locations that you will review and Approve
  • Set the start date and end date
  • Check or leave unchecked the 'Unapproved Only' checkbox to include only unapproved DSSs
  • Click 'Get DSS' to load the DSSs in to the grid

The DSS tab will populate with each available DSS that meets the set parameters. If any Approved DSSs were included, you will notice that the 'Approved' checkbox has already been checked, indicating that this DSS is Approved and requires no additional attention. Each of the unchecked lines represent the Unapproved DSSs that you are here to review.

DSS Tab - Review each row for the correct Net Sales and Deposit information. To see more information in this screen, including all the details from the Journal Entry, click on the row, then the expansion triangle to see the details. You can also click on the name of the DSS in the last column to drill into the full DSS record in its own screen. If the Journal Entry is out of balance or if there is something important to look at in the DSS, the Red Exclamation Point will show on the row. Once the DSS is reviewed and the appropriate information is confirmed, then check the box in the first column called Aprv. This will flag it for approval, and upon Save (in the upper left corner) it will be marked as approved.

House Accounts Tab - This will show you any unassigned house accounts

Missing DSS Tab - This will show you any days in the specific time period that do not have a DSS record.