For POS Integrated Locations, a Daily Sales Summary (DSS) file will be imported each day for the prior day's Sales and Labor.  Click here for more information on the Daily Sales Summary.  In addition to the DSS file being imported each day, two DSS Journal Entries are created from the data on the DSS.

DSS Journal Entry Walkthrough

To demonstrate where DSS Journal Entries are located, how you can view them, and how you can update and approve them, please read the following walkthrough:

Record Locations:

Daily Sales Summary

Before any DSS Journal Entries will appear, the DSS must be imported.  This is part of the implementation process and will have been set up by the Restaurant365 POS Integration team.  DSS files are imported each morning for the prior day's sales.  Upon importing the DSS, the DSS Journal Entries will be created

  • Note: the DSS is found in the Operations Module -> Sales -> Daily Sales Summary


DSS Journal Entries

After the DSS import, the DSS Journal Entries will be generated.  These Journal Entries will reflect the information, as well as the Approval Status of the DSS from which they were created.  Additionally these DSS Journal Entries will be the Debits and Credits that will be posting to the GL, creating a direct link from your POS system and your GL

  • Note: DSS Journal Entries are found in the Accounting Module -> General Ledger -> DSS Journal Entries


Viewing DSS and DSS Journal Entries

To view a DSS record, navigate to the Daily Sales Summary list view in the Operations Module and double click on the DSS file that you wish to view.  This will open the DSS Record in a new tab where the file can be viewed, and for Unapproved DSS Files, updated

To view DSS Journal Entries, navigate to DSS Journal Entries list view in the Accounting Module and double click on the DSS Journal Entry you wish to view.  This will open the DSS Journal Entry (Sales or Labor, depending on which JE you clicked on) in a new tab where the file can be reviewed.  Each DSS Journal Entry has a link to it's respective DSS at the top, below the Approval Status of the DSS Journal Entry


Update DSS Journal Entries

No changes can be made to a DSS Journal Entry while viewing the DSS Journal Entry Record.  All changes must come from the DSS file from which the DSS Journal Entry was generated.  To update a DSS Journal Entry, first open the DSS from which it was generated.  The Approval Status of the DSS must be Unapproved to make and save any changes to the DSS, and the DSS Journal Entries.  Ensuring that the DSS has an Approval Status of Unapproved, make the necessary changes to the DSS file, and save the DSS Record.  Once the DSS Record has been saved, the changes will be reflected on the DSS Journal Entries in the Accounting Module.

Approve / Unapprove DSS Journal Entries

DSS Journal Entries Approval Status are predicated on the DSS Record from which they were generated.

To Approve a DSS Journal Entry, the DSS Record must first be Approved in the Operations Module (or via Mass DSS Review).  Upon Approving a DSS Record, the DSS Journal Entry will then have an Approval Status of Approved.


Conversely, to Unapprove a DSS Journal Entry, the DSS Record must first be Unapproved in the Operations Module.