The Customer Record is where the Customer specific information for each Customer resides in the system.  Once you have opened a Customer Record, the General Tab of the record will be displayed.  In addition to the information found on the General tab, Customer Additional Info, Customer related Open Transactions, Customer related All Transactions, Customer related Contacts, and Customer Locations are available to users.  Additionally, for those using the Franchising Module, Franchisee Additional Info will also be made available on Customers identified as Franchisee Location Customers.

To add a new Customer, hover over the Customer tab in the top ribbon, and click New Customer.  This will open up a new tab with the General tab selected




The General tab is where the Customer Name, Number and Contact Information are entered, and where other Customer settings can be managed.


1) Name - The Customer Name is the only required field on a Customer Record.  Enter the Customer Name as it will be displayed in Restaurant365

2) Number - Customer Number is an open text field that can be populated with the Customer Number, or any other value that could be used for sorting purposes

3) Primary Contact - Select, or Create a Primary Contact for this Customer on this dropdown.  Click here for more information on Creating Contacts

4) Contact Information - Enter the Contact Information for the Customer in these fields.  The Address information will be used when generating Invoices for the Customer

5) Payment Terms - If the Customer has specific Payment Terms, you can select them in this dropdown.  Click here for more information on Payment Terms

6) Terms Discount Account - For Payment Terms that result in a discount, specify the GL Account where the discounts will post

7) Inactive checkbox - In the event that your organization drops a Customer after recording transactions with that Customer, you will not be able to Delete the Customer Record.  You can flag the Customer as Inactive by checking this checkbox and the Customer will no longer appear in any 'Select Customer' dropdowns in the system

Customer Additional Info

On the Additional Info tab users can classify a Customer as Taxable, set the Discount %, and flag a Customer as  Franchisee Location


1) Taxable checkbox - Check this box if the Customer is taxable

2) Discount % - Set the Discount % for the Customer here

3) Franchisee Location checkbox - This checkbox is related to the Franchising Module. When Checked, the Franchisee Additional Info tab appears (as shown in the second screenshot)

4) Tax ID - Enter the Tax ID for this Customer in this field

5) Commissary Customer - This checkbox is related to the Commissary Module.  When Checked, the Commissary Info tab appears (as shown in the third screenshot)

Franchisee Additional Info

Click here for more information on setting up Franchisee Locations (Stores) using the Franchisee Additional Info tab on the Customer Record

Commissary Customer

Click here for more information on Commissary Customers and the Commissary Customer Portal

Open Transactions

Any Open Transactions associated with the Customer will appear in this list view


All Transactions

All transactions associated with this Customer will appear in this list view



Any Contacts associated with the Customer will appear in this list view



By default Customer are accessible to all Locations but Customer can be limited to specific Locations as well. This means if a Customer is limited to specific Locations then only users who have security access to those Locations (in User Locations security) will be able to select that vendor on transactions.


Follow these steps to manage Customer Locations:
  1. On the Customer form, click the Location tab (screenshot above)
  2. By default the Available All Locations check box will be checked and the location grid will be hidden (meaning that this vendor can be accessed by all locations)
  3. To assign specific locations, uncheck Available All Locations and the location selector and grid will appear
  4. Choose a location you want this Customer to be accessible to in the "Select Location" lookup field and click Add to add that location to the list below
  5. Continue these steps until all desired Locations have been added
  6. Save the Customer


Some Customer may have contracts or buying agreements. These and any other Customer specific documents you wish to keep readily accessible can be added to the Customer Record in Restaurant365. Do this by clicking on the ‘Upload File’ button found on each tab.  Click here for more information on Uploading Files