The Check Run screen provides a User with a list of Approved AP Invoices. The User can then apply AP Credit Memos & Discounts, create AP Payments, print checks, and produce ACH and Positive Pay exports for selected invoices. Click here for more information on the Check Run Overview.

The Payment Date field found on the Check Run screen dictates what date will appear on any AP Payments that are created on the Check Run. By default, the Payment Date will be set as the current date; however, it can be adjusted as needed

  1.  Payment Date field - Adjusting the Payment Date value in this field will update the Payment Date for every invoice that appears on the 'Invoices' tab. Editing the Payment Date will change the Payment Dates in each detail lines for all non-checked invoices
    • Note: If an invoice is checked before changing the Payment Date, the Payment Date will not be updated
  2.  Payment Date on the Invoice line - Editing the Payment Date on the Invoice line will change the Payment Date for just that single invoice

Payment Date

In the example above, you can see that upon first opening up Check Run, the top Payment Date was defaulted to 5/17/2020, and consequently, so have all of the payment dates in the invoice lines below it. Before changing the Payment Date in the header, the third invoice (highlighted in black above) was checked.

Updated Payment Date

Now, in changing the Payment Date in the header to 5/20/2020, as shown above, all the invoices except the third invoice (previously checked) has the updated Payment Date.

  • Note: The dates on the checks will print according to the Payment Date on the actual invoice line, not necessarily according to the Payment Date written in the header.

Print Checks

Selecting the desired invoices will allow them to be created and printed; the result will be 2 checks printed: 1 check with a date of 5/20/2020 for 2 invoices and 1 check with a date of 5/17/2020 for 1 invoice.