The Check Run screen provides a User with a list of approved AP Invoices. The User can then apply AP Credit Memos & Discounts, create AP Payments, print Checks, and produce ACH and Positive Pay exports for selected invoices. Click here for more information on the Check Run overview.

Discounts can be taken as a result of a discount from early payment via Payment Terms. When an AP Invoice has been approved and is awaiting payment in the Check Run, if the Payment Date falls within the range of the discount period, per the Payment Term record, a discount will be available on the Check Run. Available discounts will be indicated with a 'D' in the 'C/D' column to the right in the Invoices grid.

To take the discount and reduce the Amount Due, perform the following:

  1.  Check the checkbox on the invoice line, selecting the AP Invoice
  2.  Upon selecting the invoice, the Pay $ (amount) will automatically update to reflect the discount based on the discount percentage on the Payment Term record. The total discount can also be viewed on the 'Check List Preview' tab in the 'Total Discount' column
  3.  Create the AP Payment