The Check Run screen provides a User with a list of approved AP Invoices. The User can then apply AP Credit Memos & Discounts, create AP Payments, print checks, and produce ACH and Positive Pay exports for selected invoices. Click here for more information on the Check Run overview.

AP Credit Memos that have been entered and approved in Restaurant365, will be available for application on the Check Run Screen. Available Credit Memos will be indicated with a ‘C’ in the ‘C/D’ column to the right in the invoices grid.

To apply an available AP Credit Memo, perform the following:

  1.  Click the checkbox on the Invoice line, selecting the AP Invoice where the AP Credit Memo will be applied
  2.  Click the ' < ' arrow button to display the invoice details pane. Available AP Credit Memos will be listed in this pane

  3.  Click the checkbox in the 'Apply' column on the AP Credit Memo line that will be Applied to the AP Invoice
    • By default, credits are limited to only showing credits for the same Location as the invoice. If AP Credit Memos from other Locations need to be applied, click the Location filter button in the column header to select other Locations

Note: AP Credits can be applied on the Check Run screen, but cannot be un-applied.

  1.  Click the invoice number link in the details pane to open the AP Invoice where the Credit Memo has been applied
  2.  Uncheck the 'Apply' checkbox to unapply the AP Credit Memo and then save and close the AP Invoice
  3.  Back on the Check Run, above the details pane, click the 'Refresh' button to update the available credits