The Check Run screen provides a User with a list of Approved AP Invoices, which can be filtered by Vendor, Location Reporting Category, and Invoice Priority.  The User can then apply AP Credit Memos & Discounts, create AP Payments, print Checks, and produce ACH and Positive Pay exports for selected invoices.  In order to fully utilize the Check Run screen, Vendors must be properly set up (including all fields on both the 'General' and 'Vendor Additional Info' tabs), Bank Account balances and next check numbers need to be updated, and AP Invoices, AP Credit Memos and any Payment Terms Discounts must be entered and Approved.

To create a Check Run, perform the following steps in order:

  1. Hover over 'Vendor' in the top ribbon and select 'Check Run'
  2. Use the 'Select Invoices From' selector to select the Legal Entities (and thereby indirectly select the Locations) from which to populate the Invoice Grid
  3. Select the Checking Account that will be used to pay each AP Invoice
  4. Select the Location that will be listed on the Header of each AP Payment that is created
  5. Set the Payment date that will appear on each AP Payment
  6. Verify the Bank Account Balance and Next Check Number
  7. Select which AP Invoices will be paid
    • Invoices can be filtered by Due/Discount date, Vendor Group, Location Reporting Category, or Invoice Priority
  8. View and Apply AP Credit Memos
  9. Create Payments
  10. Print Checks
  11. Close the Check Run

It is important to note that AP Invoices that are put on hold will not appear in a Check Run. Click here for more information on Payment Holds.


The Permissions listed here are associated with Payment/Check Runs. These Permissions can be added to Custom User Roles or single Users. Learn more about managing Permissions and Custom User Roles here.

Payment Run Permissions are found in the Permission Tree as follows:

  • Payment Runs
    • View Payment Runs
    • Export ACH in Payment Runs
    • Send/Edit R365 Payments
    • Email ACH Stubs in Payment Runs
    • Print Checks w/Signature in Payment Runs
    • Print Checks in Payment Runs
    • Create/Edit Payment Runs
    • Create Checks in Payment Runs
    • Approve Payment Runs
    • Unapprove Payment Runs

        Delete Payment Runs

The Permission Access report can be used to determine which User Roles or Users already have these Permissions assigned.

Learn more about User Setup and Security here.



Users can access the Check Run by logging in through a web browser, hovering over the 'Vendor' menu in the top ribbon, and selecting 'Check Run'.

Check Run Screen

The Check Run screen is where Users can select Approved AP Invoices, apply AP Credits and create AP Payments. Click here for more information on the Check Run Screen.

Perform a Check Run

Click here for detailed steps on how to Perform a Check Run.

Saved Check Runs

Check Runs can be saved for future Use.  Click the 'Save Check Run' action on the Check Run screen to save the Check Run. Saved Check Runs can be loaded from the 'Saved Check Runs' selector.

Payment Date

Payment Dates can be set for all Invoices, or just unchecked invoices. Click here for more information on Payment Date.

Discounts from Early Payment

Discounts, taken as a result of Discount Payment Terms, can be applied on the Check Run. Click here for more information on Discounts from Early Payment.

Applying AP Credits

AP Credit Memos that have been entered and Approved can be applied to AP Invoices on the Check Run. Click here for more information on Applying Credit Memos.

Payment Runs Page

The Payment Runs page lists all Check/Payment Runs created along with their details and statuses. Users can update a Payment Run via this window. Click here to learn more about the Payment Runs page.

Payment Runs Page: Payment Run Statuses 

Check/Payment Runs can have one of five statuses to show at what stage in the approval and payment creation process it is located. Click here to learn about Check/Payment Run Statuses.

Creating Payments

Depending on the Payment Method of the Vendors that will be paid on a Check Run, AP Payments, Checks, Positive Pay Exports, and ACH Stubs can all be created on the Check Run. Click here for more information on Creating Payments.

ACH Payments

ACH exports and ACH Stubs can be produced on the Check Run Payment Created prompt. Click here for more information on Creating Payments and ACH Reports.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay can be exported from the Check Run Payment Created prompt. Click here for more information on Creating Payments and Positive Pay Reports.