The Attachment Viewer is a feature in Restaurant365 where a User can elect to open an additional sidebar to view any attachments that have been uploaded to an AP Transaction within Restaurant365. The Attachment Viewer is also utilized when Processing Documents to Process.  

Attachment Viewer Differences in Documents to Process

  1.  The Attachment Viewer is opened by default when Processing Documents to Process while it must be opened manually on other AP Transactions
  2.  Documents to Process can be flagged as 'Archived' for additional review. The 'Mark as Archived' button does not appear on AP Transactions outside of Documents to Process

Open Attachment Viewer in AP Invoice

After opening a new AP Invoice and uploading the Invoice using the 'Upload File' button at the bottom, right-hand corner of the screen, a new 'Open attachment viewer' button will appear. Click this button to open the attached file in a side-by-side format with the AP Invoice, as displayed below.

  • Note: The Previewing Tools (#1-4 below) will only be available when viewing PDF attachments.

1) Up / Down Arrow Clicking these help you navigate through the various pages of the attachment

2) Zoom In / Out Clicking these will zoom in or out on the selected page

3) Rotate This will rotate the selected page clockwise by 90 degrees each time clicked

4) Page Indicator This will display the page currently being viewed and how many pages are part of the document

5) Document Selector If there are multiple attachments on the AP Transaction, click this drop-down to select which document to view

6) Download Button Click this button to download the selected attachment

7) Attachment Viewer Pane Rotation / Resizer - Click the Pan Rotation button to view the Attachment Viewer below the AP Transaction.  Use the Pane Slider to resize the Attachment Viewer Pane