Missing Items are automatically created in Restaurant365 when an AP Transaction is imported and includes a Vendor Item Number that does not exist.  Click here for more information on Importing AP Transactions.  The following are scenarios in which a Missing Item would be created:

  1. Customer purchases new product not previously purchased
  2. Vendor Discontinues product and replaces product with similar product / different brand
  3. Vendor Changes Item Number of product
  4. Customer purchases different case pack of product with different Item Number

For issues #1 and #2, a new Purchased Item will need to be created

All four issues will require that the new Vendor Item be assigned to a Purchased Item.

Missing Item Solutions

Missing Items can be assigned using the following methods:

  1. On the 'Missing Items' tab of the AP Invoice
  2. To-do Checklist - Record Setup tab
  3. Vendor Item list

The easiest method is on the AP Invoice itself.  The other two methods allow you to open the Vendor Item record and perform a manual update.  Each method will be detailed below:

Missing Items Tab

Step 1: Click the 'Assign' button to open the Vendor Item Assign prompt

The Vendor Item number, and Vendor Item name, along with the Quantity and Amount should all be populated on this form

Step 2: Select or Add a Purchased Item

Review the Vendor Item Name to determine if a similar Purchased Item already exists in Restaurant365.

If it does, select the Purchased Item in the Item list

If it does not, Type in the name of the Purchased Item (or use the Vendor Item Name) in to the Item field and hit 'Enter'. A Quick-add prompt will ask if you want to add a new Item

Create and save the Purchased Item and then close the form

Step 3: Verify or Add the Purchase U of M

Step 4: Click OK to complete Vendor Item Assignment

Click the OK button to update and assign the new Vendor Item. Once assigned, the Vendor Item will no longer appear on the Missing Items list.

Continue this process until all Missing Items are assigned.

To-Do Checklist

Step 1: Open the 'To-Do' checklist and select the 'Record Setup' tab

Step 2: For each 'Vendor Item' record type, click on 'Missing Record Name' to open the Vendor Item record and update accordingly

Step 3: Continue the process until there are no remaining items on the Record Setup tab

Vendor Items List

Step 1: Open the 'Vendor Items' list in the Operations Module

Step 2: Filter the 'Vendor' column to include only the Vendor of the AP Invoice with Missing Items

Step 3: Open and update each record where the 'Item' column is blank.

Note: This step can also be performed through the Import Tool.  In place of opening each record in Step 3, export the list and update the missing values (Item, Purchase U of M, Split U of M, Contract Price, Split Contract Price, Contract Expiration and Acceptable Variance %).  Save the file as a .CSV and then use the Import Tool to perform an 'Update Existing' on Vendor Item Records