Note: Although most Banks allow for ACH upload, please double-check to ensure your account type within your Bank allows for ACH uploading.   Restaurant365 recommends sending your Bank Representative a sample of the following available ACH Report Types.  The 'ACH Export Default 1' report is the National standard used by most Banks. 

ACH Exports can be produced on the Check Run.  Click here for more information on how to Set-up ACH Payment Settings on the Vendor Record.

In order to produce the ACH Export file, the ACH Report must first be assigned on the Bank Record.  Click here for information on Positive Pay Reports.

Use the ACH Report selector to select the desired ACH Report

In the following table are the current ACH Report names, along with a sample export file for each Report.  Each of these output files were produced on 10/14/16 using the following sample data:

Vendor Name: Generic Vendor

Payment Date: 10/14/16

Checking Account: 1015 - Checking 1

Location: Generic Location

Next Check Number: 3029

Total Check Run (1 check): $600.00

Vendor Bank Account / Routing Numbers: 123456789 / 987654321

ACH Report Name ACH Output
ACH Export (default) 1 ACH Export (default) 1 Output
ACH Export (space) ACH Export (space) Output
ACH Export Wells Fargo ACH Export Wells Fargo Output
ACH with Offset ACH with Offset Output