This article is part of the Catering module documentation. Click here for more information on the Catering module.

Four reports have been created for the Catering module: 

Each of these reports can be access via the 'My Reports' page. Ensure that Users who need access to the Catering reports have had their Report Role updated to include these new reports.  

Catering Commissions

The Catering Commissions report can be ran over a date range. Within the report, Catering Event Status can be selected (all Status types are selected by default). The report will generate the Commissions that are due to each Catering Rep based off of the Commission Rates assigned in Catering Settings

Catering Reps names are in bold, with their respective Catering Events shown below their name. Catering Events without Catering Reps assigned will appear at the top of the list. Users have the option of running the report with a new page for each Catering Rep (so as to only display a single Catering Rep's commissions per page).

Catering Event Profitability

The Catering Event Profitability report will display the profitability of Catering Events filtered by Location over a data range.

Catering Menu

The Catering Menu report allows the User to create a report containing all of the Catering Items from a selected Catering Menu. Click here for more information on the Catering Menu report.

Catering Receivables Aging

The Catering Receivables Aging report will display the Receivables Aging for all Catering Events that have a Status of Event Complete. The report can be filtered by Location.