This article is part of the Catering Module documentation.  Click here for more information on the Catering Module

Catering Menus can be created to quickly and easily add Catering Items to Catering Events, as well as to produce a formatted Catering Menu report

Create Catering Menu

To create a Catering Menu, hover over the Catering option in the top ribbon and select New Menu


Catering Menus are made up of Catering Items.  Click here for training on how to create Catering Items. Once you have your Catering Items created (or if you plan on creating the Catering Items on-the-fly from the Catering Menu) we can get started on creating your Catering Menu.

Catering Menu Record


1) Menu Name - Enter the Menu Name that will be displayed in Restaurant365

2) Create Custom Item Button - By clicking this button you'll have the option of creating new Catering Items on-the-fly.  Click here for more information on Creating Catering Items

3) Select Item field - In this field the user can select the Catering Item they want to add to the Catering Menu.  Upon selecting an item, the majority of the additional fields will populate with the default values from the Catering Item

4) Display Name - This is the Display Name for the Catering Item as it will appear on the Catering Menu / Catering Contract

5) U of M - This is the Unit of Measure for the Catering Item as it exists on this Catering Menu.  Click here for more information on Units of Measure

6) Qty - This is the Quantity of this Catering Item on this Catering Menu

7) Each Amt - This is the Price-per-each for the Catering Item

8) Total - The total is calculated by multiplying the Qty * Each Amt.  For example if Qty = 10, and Each Amt = 5, 10 * 5 = 50.  Total = 50

9) Type - This is the Item Type of the Catering Item.  Click here for more information on Catering Item Types

10) Category - This is the Catering Category for the Catering Item.  Click here for more information on Catering Categories

11) Add / Clear Buttons - These buttons will affect the values in the above fields.  If Add is clicked, the Catering Item will be added to the Menu Items List (12).  If Clear is clicked, the values will clear without adding

12) Menu Items List - Catering Items that have been added to the Catering Menu will appear in this list in the order in which they were added.  To change the order of the Menu Items, click and drag the double arrow button immediately to the left of the Item Name.  This will allow you to resort the Menu Items

13) Menu Description - Enter a description for your Menu in this field.  This description will appear on Catering Contracts as well as Catering Reports

Catering Menu: Subheadings

On your Catering Menus you have the option of creating Subheadings to separate your Catering Items and add additional formatting to the layout of your Catering Menu.  To do this, you add an additional Item to the Catering Menu, only filling in the 'Display Name', 'Type', and 'Category'.  You leave the other field blank.  For example, if we want to add a Subheading called 'Tacos' to our Catering Menu, we would populate the field values as such:


Upon clicking the 'Add' button, we would see our Subheading in the Menu Item List (shown in red below, along with two other subheadings):


Use a Catering Menu

To use a Catering Menu on a Catering Event, you click the Add From Menu button found on the Details tab of the Catering Event record.


This will open a prompt where you can select an existing Catering Menu (1), select the Segment you will be adding the items to (2), and choose which items from the Catering Menu you wish to add to the Catering Event (3).  By default all Menu Items from a Catering Menu are selected when you choose the Catering Menu.  To add the items to the Catering Event, click Add at the bottom of the prompt.  To cancel, click Cancel (4).


Catering Menu Report

Users that have access to My Reports (click here for training on how to set up My Reports) can run a Catering Menu report on their Catering Menus.  To do so, navigate to My Reports, then find the Catering section.  Select the Catering Menu and the Location that you want to run the Catering Menu report for, then click Run.


This will open a new tab with the Catering Menu report and the report settings.  As shown below, we see the Catering Menu name (1) and Location (2) that we selected on the previous screen.  By selecting a Location, this sets the Location Logo to appear on the Catering Menu report.  Click here for more information on Adding a Location Logo to your Location records.  Additionally you have the option of displaying the Price on the Catering Menu report (3).  By default the Price is displayed.  To export this report, click the export button (4) and choose the desired format.