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Inside each Catering Event, users have the ability to create Tasks for the Catering Event, as well as add Notes regarding the Catering Event.  This is accomplished on the Follow Up tab of the Catering Event record.

Create a Task

To create a new Task, click the New Task button on the Follow Up tab.  

This will open the Log Task prompt where the User can enter the Task information and requirements

Task List

As Tasks are populated, they will fill the Task List with some quick glance information, such as Title, Assignee, Status, Start Time, End Time, and Due Date.  Tasks will be sorted by Due Date and by Task Status in the Task List.


Task Status

To edit a previously created Task (including marking a task as Complete) double click on the Task to open the form.  In this prompt the User can make any necessary edits and save and close.  To mark the task as completed, hover over the 'Actions' menu and 'Complete Task'

Consolidated Task List: Catering List 

To see a full listing of all available tasks, a user can select 'Tasks' from the left navigation on the Catering Module.  This will display a list of all Catering Tasks that have been created on the Follow Up tab of Catering Events.



To add a new Note, click the New Note button above the Note List.  

This will open the Log Note Prompt where the User can enter the Note. 

Notes List

As notes are added, the Author of the note, along with the Date/Time of the Note's creation, will appear below the Note's text.  This allows for a running list of Notes on the Catering Event record.  Notes are sorted by the date and time created.