This article is part of the Catering Module documentation.  Click here for more information on the Catering Module

Catering Contracts have the ability to be Subtotaled in one of four ways.  This option is set in the Catering Settings.  Click here for more information on Catering Settings

To set the Subtotal By setting, a user must have access to Catering Settings.  The following options exist for Subtotal By:

  • None
  • Catering Item Type
  • Catering Category
  • Catering Menu

Example Catering Items, Catering Menu, Segments

To distinguish between the different Subtotal By options, we will display sample output from a Catering Event that has the following Catering Items, Catering Menu, and Segments

Catering Items: Five Catering Items


Catering Menu: One Catering Menu, called 'Taco Buffet', with our Five Catering Items, and two Headings (Tacos, and Sides)


Segments: Three Catering Segments (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)


Example Output

Below are four different examples of the same Catering Contract.  For each Subtotal By option, the Segment details are displayed with any distinguishing information about the Subtotal By option

Subtotal By: None - Catering Items are displayed by segment without grouping


Subtotal By: Item Type - Catering Items are displayed by segment, grouped in to Item Types (Food)


Subtotal By: Category - Catering Items are displayed by segment, grouped by Catering Category


Subtotal By: Catering Menu- Catering Items are displayed by segment, grouped by Catering Menu (the Mixed Seafood Taco Platter on Segment: Breakfast was added as an individual Catering Item, thus we do not see it grouped in a Catering Menu, and the Catering Menu value is blank)