What's included in this release


  • New Feature - Auto-pay Invoices - Automatically pay and apply Vendor invoices when approved - learn how to set this up now!
  • New Feature - GL Account Location Security - Set which locations can post to which GL Account
  • Fixed - Brought back the "Is before or equal to" filter on Transaction Details


  • Improvement - Payroll ID has been added to the Labor Details List View
  • Fixed - Stock Counts no longer show "N/A" as an approval status unless it relates to a template
  • Fixed - Brought back mass approving directly on the Stock Count grid for all roles with access to do so
  • Fixed - Restaurant Managers can now only perform an Item Transfer from locations they have access to


  • Fixed - Catering settings no longer round up and do keep 3 decimals places

Plus, we've fine tuned other areas and rolled out minor bug fixes throughout.

In case you missed it

Also, in cased you missed it, we've been hard at work improving Restaurant365 all year long.  Check out some of the highlights below:

Purchase Orders

  • Submitting Purchase Orders - Purchase Orders can be created and sent to Vendor via Email
  • Memorized Purchase Orders – Purchase Orders can be set on a scheduled or non-scheduled template for ease of ordering
  • Purchasing Assistant - Guides the user through all orders due today
  • Invoicing POs - Purchase Orders can be “Invoiced” or matched to imported invoices for reconciliation purposes
  • Suggested Ordering - Suggested quantities are generated based on a Usage Per $1000 in Sales model
  • Item Location Record Update - Item Location Record now contains Usage Per $1000 and Theoretical On Hand data
  • Click here for Purchase Order training


  • Suggested hours to schedule can now be set on the Location form based on a Sales Per Labor Hour Goal 
  • Suggested hours displayed on the Scheduling page with a comparison and variance between suggested and actual hours
  • Weekly Totals added to the Sales & Labor Forecast section
  • Partial Unavailability now showing on the schedule calendar day view


  • Undo Upload - Allows users to undo a previous upload into bank activity in case you uploaded to the wrong account or want to undo for any reason
  • Delete selected option added to bank activity to permanently delete selected activity
  • New criteria for how long excluded activity remains in the excluded tab:
    • Excluded Bank Activity will show on the Matched/Excluded tab until a bank rec is approved with a statement end date greater than or equal to the date of the activity
  • Vendor dropdown has been added as an optional field to the Bank Expense/Withdrawal page
  • Sorting added to the Include/Unmatch column on the Matched/Excluded tab of the Bank Activity page


  • Auto-pay Invoices - Vendors can be set to have their invoices automatically paid and applied when approved
  • USFoods Integration Improvement - USFoods invoices will now import including Freight, Fuel Surcharge, Discounts, and other additional details
  • New session settings on the Mass Invoice Entry to personalize various entry preferences
  • Check Run screen keeps filter values after checks are created
  • AP Invoice Form - Widened the Item dropdown box
  • Positive Pay Export option added when paying bill through AP Invoice
  • Import - The following fields are now available for Vendors in the import tool: Vendor Groups, Default Check Memo, Available To Managers and Payment Method


  • AR Invoice now has a separate line for Address 1 and Address 2
  • User Defined Customer Groups added to the Customer Record
    • AR Aging - Can now be ran by Customer Group
    • Customer Statement - Can now be ran by Customer Group


  • Mass Delete option added to the Franchisee Daily Sales Grid
  • Save option added to Franchising Fee Form to allow edits
  • Upload File option added to Franchisee Form


  • Qty and U of M columns have been added to the Recipes On tab of Items
  • Mass Delete added on the Item Location Grid
  • Mass Delete added on the Vendor Items Grid
  • Approval Status added to the Item Form Transactions Tab

Manager Log - Document Library

  • Documents now sorted by file name in alphabetical order
  • Search box added to search Documents by file name
  • Minor formatting changes


  • GL Account Location Security - Setting to determine which locations can post to the GL Account
  • Option added to set Legal Entity closed dates in bulk (close all or multiple Legal Entities at the same time)
  • Manager Log Visible to All Employees setting added to Preferences to hide/show manager log to Employee users
  • New help options added, linking to the new customer support center
  • Catering Events now support Tax and Charge for 3 decimal places
  • Payment Terms column added to the AP and AR Transaction grids
  • Inactive users are now hidden on the User Role form when assigning User Roles
  • Open Attachment Viewer added to AP Credit Memo, Journal Entry, DSS, Bank Expense and AR Invoice
  • New Columns added to Grids:
    • AP Transactions: Payment Terms, Vendor Group
    • All Transactions: Attachment 
    • Journal Entries: Attachment
    • Daily Sales Summary: Attachment
    • Vendors: Entry, Payment Method
    • AR Transactions: Payment Terms
    • Items: Count UofM 2, Count UofM 3

User Roles

  • Approve Journal Entry - secondary role to approve Journal Entries
  • Approve AR Payment - secondary role to approve AR Payments, meaning these users can then also apply AR Payments to approved AR Invoices
  • Pay Check Run - secondary role that gives users (Accounting Clerks) access to the Create Checks option on the Check Run Form
  • ACH Payments - secondary role designed for Accounting Managers to give them Hide Print Checks but also this role to let them Process ACH Payments
  • AP Data Entry - allows users to use AP Docs to Process and view and enter invoices and credit memos
  • Separate Unapprove user roles for different system areas: All, AP, AR, Banking, DSS, Inventory, and JE


  • Users with the Hide DSS Journal Entry Tab user role can now have access to the Steps Complete button from the Labor tab
  • Mass DSS - Select/Deselect all option added
  • Attachment column added to the DSS Grid

Existing Reports

  • Profit and Loss Custom Date - Report Types of Date Range by Period, Quarter and Year. Enter a date range containing multiple Periods and the report will separate the range with a column per Period (same for Quarter or Year) 
  • Balance Sheet - Can now be ran by Location, including a Location Side by Side report type
  • Trial Balance - Can now be ran by Location
  • Flash Report - Option added to include additional burdened labor information
  • GL Account Detail Report:
    • Sort functionality added to all columns and parameter setting to see the full comments, location names and transaction numbers
    • Balance Parameter added to see Credits as a Negative or Positive
  • AR Aging:
    • Advanced grouping option added for more extensive day groupings
    • Can now also be ran by Customer Group(s)
  • Customer Statement Report:
    • Invoice Date added to the detail line
    • Can now also be ran by Customer Group(s)
  • Paid Invoice Distribution - Invoice numbers on the report are now links to the invoice
  • Reconciliation Report - Now includes GL Account Number based on Account Lookup Preference
  • AP Invoice Distribution - Quick Parameters added on the My Reports page
  • Sales & Labor Budget Comparison Chart - Forecasted Sales comparison option added
  • Transaction Detail Export - Date Range sub-header adjusted to accurately reflect dates being included when ran for multiple years
  • All Reports - Inactive Legal Entities are now available for selection on reports and are designated with "(Inactive)" at the end of their name

New Reports

  • Minimum Wage Adjustment (and Raw Data version) - Analyze hourly rate with tips to meet minimum wage
  • Labor Actual vs Schedule - Detail - Compares Actual vs Scheduled Labor grouped by Location, Job, Employee and down to the specific time punches
  • Location Sales & Reg Labor - Similar to the existing Flash Report, includes new section for weekly labor section
  • Sales & Labor Breakout - Contains Sales and Labor information broken out by Location
  • Sales & Labor Productivity - Contains Sales, Labor and other key stat information
  • Extended Daily Sales Report - Based on the Daily Sales Report but simplified columns for larger comparison (QTD and YTD)


  • Payroll Integrations:
    • Added TD Bank as an option and created associated Positive Pay Exports
  • New Payroll Exports (Found on the My Reports - Labor section):
    • Nexchex
    • Vibe/Mosaic
  • New Vendor Integrations (The following Vendor file formats can now be imported into R365):
    • Cintas
    • ComData
    • Maines Paper & Food Services
  • New POS Integrations:
    • Schedule Writeback to Revel from R365
    • VersiTouch 
    • Infor POS 
    • AutoRetailSystems
    • Woo Commerce
    • ITWercs
    • Eatsa POS
    • Dolce 
    • NCC
    • MobileBytes
    • NorthStar
    • Micros mapping fixes for versions 5.2, 5.4 and 5.5
    • Labor (to R365) Integrations
    • 7 Shift Labor Integration
    • EZ Dine
    • OrderCounter
    • Documentor
  • Existing POS Integrations:
    • Started new functionality of updates to employee email and activity status in the POS to flow to R365 as well (Individual development for each POS and not supported by all POS systems)
      • Employee email address updates in the POS now automatically update R365 employee email address for:
        • Toast
        • Revel
      • Employee activity status (Active or Inactive) updates in the POS now automaticall update R365 employee activity status for:
        • Aloha
        • Revel
        • Toast
        • Squirrel
        • Speedlink
        • SoftTouch
        • POSITouch
        • MobileBytes
  • Additional Integration Updates:
    • PlateIQ Clickable Image added as an optional column to import template
    • Fintech File EDI Issue - Properly Handle Negative Total Amounts
    • Ben E. Keith Integration - Catch Weight Indicator
    • XtraChef imports now handle Split Case indicator (bug fix)
    • Cintas Vendor Invoice update to read proper column for Invoice number
    • Harri labor files now accepted into R365 Labor Accrual
    • Added secondary location to standard Line Item import template
      • R365 Multi Transaction by Account Import Template
      • R365 Line Item Template w/ Addition