• Templates - Managers can now create schedule templates in addition to using prior schedules to setup current and future schedules
  • Schedule Shifts Past Midnight - Managers can now schedule overnight shifts as a single shift
  • Time Off Request for Multiple Days - Time off requests now include a start and end date so that users can request multiple days off with a single request
  • Fully Burdened Labor Option - A new option has been added for users to decide if they want the labor totals on the schedule to include just the direct labor costs of the scheduled shifts (unburdened labor), or to include the additional labor estimates of tax, benefits, etc. (fully burdened labor)
  • Schedule Views - Users can now save their own views according to how they like to see and filter the schedule calendar
  • Schedule Printout Improvement - Updated the schedule printout to fit more on one page and also provide various options so it can include/exclude certain data at users choice
  • Publish/Alert Shifts - Additional options have been added to publish, unpublish and alert shifts on an individual or more selective basis
  • Employees See Full Schedule - Employees have been allowed to view their location's full schedule (could only see their personal shifts previously)
  • Daily Roster Report - Condensed scheduled shifts daily overview
  • Click here for updated Scheduling training

My Reports - The My Reports page has been updated with the latest technology to drastically improve speed and load time when accessing reports

  • Saved Views - Users can save their own views for each report according to their preferred parameter selections to quickly run the report in the future without needing to set the parameters each time
  • Favorites - Each user will now have a Favorites tab where they can favorite their most used reports to access those in one quick place
  • Search - A search option has been added for users to be able to quickly search and find reports
  • Report Customizations - The My Reports page now includes the most commonly used customizations for quick access directly on the page, or the user can access the full customizations popup to view all available customizations
  • Report Roles - Report Favorites has been replaced with Report Roles where admins add report access to report roles and then assign report roles to each user (these have been automatically created and assigned according to current access for existing users)
  • Click here for updated My Reports training

R365 Academy - A new Restaurant365 training program to help users learn how to use and get the most out of Restaurant365

  • The R365 Academy is accessed by hovering over the question mark icon in the top ribbon and selecting R365 Academy
  • The Academy contains lessons of videos and outlines teaching how to use specific areas of the sytem
  • Quizzes are available at the end of lessons to check for understanding
  • Admins will have a report available to track users progress within the R365 Academy


  • Features to help use if you have multiple commissaries:
    • Can sell the same item in different units of measure at different commissaries
    • Can sell the same item at different prices at different commissaries
  • Commissary sales item prices are now able to be set to cost, a % markup of cost, or a flat amount
  • Locations able to create new commissary orders on demand instead of only when scheduled
  • Sizing options now available for the grid on Commissary Orders
  • Totals added and reorganized on the Commissary Order Form for Total $ Ordered and Total $ Fulfilled
  • Commissary Fulfillment Report - Subtotals added for each category and columns added for $ Ordered and $ Fulfilled
  • When changing selling unit of measure on item form, now system asks if you want to auto update commissary template too


  • Daily Roster Report - Condensed scheduled shifts daily overview
  • Labor Punches - Netchex report to export labor punches for NetChex
  • Ad Hoc Reporting - GL Account Number has been added as a field to the Transaction Details Domain
  • Profit & Loss - New Trailing 12 Periods vs Prior format and Variance % Parameter option to calculate variance based off of Sales or a difference in percentages


  • Create franchising invoices per Franchisee in addition to Franchisee Location
  • Create ACH payments per Franchisee in addition to Franchisee Location
  • Set which bank account payments go to for different billing items (i.e. royalty payments can go to a different bank account than marketing payments)

Paycom API Integration (contact for setup)

  • Seamlessly push labor punch data to Paycom (Under Account > Payroll Connect)
  • Paycom payroll JE automatically get’s created in R365
  • Click here for Paycom Integration training