Manager Log (beta) - This major new feature allows managers and other restaurant employees to track and review various things happening in the restaurant and communicate about them via the web or mobile app

  • To activate this feature, email the request to
  • Review Calendar - view daily summaries for a month at a time with hover over to popup more info, or select a day from the calendar to see full daily overview
  • Daily Overview dashboard - provides 1 place to view and complete most all that a manager needs for the day including the following sections:
    • Daily Summary - This section is similar to the DSS form giving the ability to view financial summary data, enter deposit $, categorize paidouts, catgorize house accounts, and review labor details
    • Daily Log - Review notes and other entries such as tasks, emails and texts entered for the location during the day
    • Task Completion - View completion status of all tasks for the day as well as detailed out by each task list, and drill into a task list to complete the tasks from this screen
    • Purchases - See all purchases for the day for the location and drill down into individual purchases to see more details
    • Schedule - See the scheduled shifts for the day and drill down to see the detailed schedule
  • Logs - Create custom log categories or use those out of box to enter notes throughout the day and categorize them for easy review
  • Task Lists - Create task lists that can repeat automatically each day/week/etc to be completed at the location such as temperature log, opening checklist, or closing checklist.  Task completion can be done as a checkbox or by requiring the user to enter additional data such as text, decimal number, whole number, yes/no toggle, large comment, or a photo.  Task Lists could also be used by corporate; for example a month end close accounting checklist.
  • Workflow & Alerts - Flag any task or note to add to the flagged list for easy review and escalation, and also send an email or task or add additional notes or tasks on any entry so multiple people can communicate about 1 entry
  • Document Library - Store and categorize documents and choose which locations have access to it so you can have a central repository for company-wide documentation and also store location specific info


  • Balance Sheet - new format for Trailing 12 Months
  • Item Actual vs Theoretical Analysis - Compare actual to theoretical usage in Qty and Cost at the granular ingredient level with drill down to more details
  • Item Theoretical Variance - Compare dollar variance from actual to theoretical across multiple locations with drill down to Actual vs Theoretical report
  • Item Category Theoretical Variance - Compare the actual vs theoretical dollar variance in summary by category for multiple stock counts at multiple locations and drill down to the Item Theoretical Variance report


  • Journal Entries can now be created in Restaurant365 via API calls.  This is especially helpful for those looking to integrate with our system to pass in JE's, but custom programming to make the API calls is required by those wishing to set this up
  • More API calls will be coming in the future with the next 2 for creating AP transactions and then to export Transaction Details
  • If you wish to get connected via the API you'll need to pass through a brief approval process and then will receive a login key from our development team, so contact to start the process

POS Integration and DSS Entry

  • Can now enter up to 5 deposits per day
  • Added ability to separate menu items that get imported by Legal Entity, Location, or any Location Reporting Category