The following features were released between the start of the year and February:


  • AP Invoice
    • Warning option added to Preferences so company can decide what to do if an invoice for same amount for the same vendor is entered. Previous function popped up a warning. Now you can choose if it warns, prevents the invoice completely, or does nothing
    • Option added to Actions menu to start with a memorized template when entering the invoice. This is especially helpful when using the AP Documents to Process list and creating invoices from uploaded docs that can now be based on a template
    • Memorized AP Invoices can now have rows with 0 qty
    • On an item based invoice when there are missing items, the missing items tab will show alongside the regular details tab (previously the details tab was hidden until all missing items were assigned)
    • All attachments to AP transactions can now open in side by side view (just like how Documents to Process list works) instead of having to download the attachment to open it
    • Option added to Actions menu for Pay with ACH very similar to Pay Bill option. It opens a window for user to select Date and Checking Account (defaults populate in) and the check number defaults to ACH instead of the next check number so the user can just click Create and it won’t ask the user to print the check
    • Vendor lookup now shows address information to make it easier to determine which is the correct vendor to select
  • Check Run
    • Can now multi-select invoices to pay on a check run by clicking and dragging or by selecting the top row with the mouse, holding the shift key, and then selecting the bottom row with the mouse
    • Vendor Group field added to the vendor record where you can define your own groups and then a filter was added to the check run so you can filter by group when selecting invoices to pay
  • Payment Terms
    • New options added to payment terms to make due on “Specific Day of Month” or “Days From End of Month”
  • Reporting
    • 1096 form now available
    • Field added to Legal Entity called State ID which will print in box 17 of 1099 form
    • New Report: AP Invoice Distribution report – Shows invoices paid and unpaid in a date range grouped by GL Account
  • New AP Invoice Vendor Imports
    • Premier Meat Company
    • Bix
  • Vendor Payment Method dropdown – 2 new options added of Auto Direct Debit and Credit Card. These will function similar to previous option of ACH during the check run, meaning that vendors with these new payment methods won’t print physical checks during the check run. Difference between these and ACH is that these won’t be part of the ACH export file

Stock Count

  • Multiple U of Ms can now be included on the count. 2 fields have been added to the Item form for Count U of M 2 and 3. If those are populated then they’ll show up on the stock count form (both printed sheet and mobile app) so quantities can be entered in multiple units for the same item
  • Multiple users can work on same count in app now. Field added to stock count template named Mobile Qty that can be set to “Replace Qty” or “Add to Current Qty”. The system’s current (and default) function is to replace the quantity on the stock count with the quantity entered in the app. Now, if you select Add to Current Qty, then when multiple users count in the app it will add those quantities together instead of replacing one with the other.

Item Reporting

  • New Report: Item Transfer Details – printout of details included in a specific item transfer transaction, can be used as pick list or packing slip
  • Item Theoretical Cost report received a number of updates – this report is also receiving more updates during this dev cycle and these additional enhancements will be released in March
  • Item Theoretical Qty report received a number of updates – this report is also receiving more updates during this dev cycle and these additional enhancements will be released in March


  • New report: Product Mix – shows sales by menu item and can be filtered in many ways to help evaluate pmix
  • New report: Sales Payment Analysis – shows payment types such as discounts, comps, etc to analyze quantity and dollars of payment types
  • Paidout Accounts – Users can now setup default GL Accounts to post each paidout type to so the user doesn’t have to assign the account manually for each import
  • Sales Accounts can now be broken out by Daypart with a new setting on the Misc tab of Preferences
  • Discounts ban be broken out by Daypart with a new setting on Preferences (only works with certain POS systems currently)

P&L and Financial Reports

  • P&L
    • Option added to top of report named Metrics so user can choose to show Guest Count and Avg Check at the top of the P&L
    • New format for the P&L Custom Date report named Custom Date with Details. This provides expansion option to include transaction level detail beneath each account on the report. Because a large amount of detail will show, its recommended to only run this option for a small date range as this will make the report take much longer to run
  • GL Account Detail Export – update so you can select accounts by GL Type or select all balance sheet or all P&L accounts at once
  • Rounding added to Report Defaults page so user can select rounding option once and it will default to all reports they run


  • User defined fields now available so users can track their own desired fields about their locations. The field names are setup in Preferences and once setup a tab will appear on the location form to assign values for that specific location
  • POS Grouping – a field is added to location form named POS Group. Locations can be grouped by this and during POS import the settings on preferences (such as how Sales Accounts or Payment Type Accounts are grouped during import) can be grouped by this new field. Previously they could only be grouped by Location or Legal Entity.
  • The following fields were added to the location form to track additional info about the location: Food Type, Location Type, POS System


  • When emailing invoices, you can now type your own custom subject and email message before sending
  • Details now print on invoice in the order they were entered on the screen


  • Bank Deposit popup window from within bank activity received some formatting udpates


  • New report: Weekly Labor Evaluation – shows labor by employee for the week with details for each day including break and OT info
  • New report: Labor Hour and Rate Analysis – shows labor details summed by location and by employee with Reg/OT/Total hrs and dollars
  • Payroll can now be imported to Heartland by running the new Labor Punch Export – Heartland report
  • Shift templates on the New Shift form now sort in alphabetical order by job title and then chronologically by start time


  • Hide Print Checks role – when assigned to user will hide options to print checks throughout the system
  • Commissary Entry role – allows user to enter commissary orders only

Setup Assistant

  • The setup assistant has received additional steps to help setup users and security as well as updates to accommodate the feature updates listed in this release (i.e. if a field was added to the location form then that field was also added to the setup assistant and to imports so users can populate those fields on locations from there also)