Here is the list of new or updated features that have been released during the past quarter:

Major Feature

Advanced Budgeting - This major update makes the existing budgeting feature much more robust and flexible by adding the following functionality

  • Budget accounts as dollar amount or as percent of another account or GL type
  • Start a budget as a copy of another budget or based on prior year actuals and can increase or decrease by a percentage
  • Budget weekly or based on operational periods or fiscal periods
  • Budget for more than 1 location at a time
  • See when budget values were modified and by who
  • Add comments to budget detail values so you can explain a certain value or why its being changed
  • Budget on Balance Sheet accounts
  • Click here for advanced budgeting training

Medium Features

Transaction Spreading

  • Spread an AP invoice and journal entry across multiple fiscal periods, weeks, or months
  • Select when it will process each period (last day of period, last day of month, same day each month, etc) and how many days in advance to create the transaction
  • Click here for transaction spreading training
P&L Comparison Screen
  • This form is like the Location Comparison P&L report, but is on a screen directly in the system and contains a few more options
  • User can click an account name and the location columns will sort by that value to easily which locations have highest or lowest sales, costs, etc.
  • Only users with proper security can see this screen
  • If given access, restaurant managers and franchisees can see how they stack up to other locations but if they don't have access to that location then the location names are hidden from them
  • Click here for P&L comparison training 
AP Document Upload Updates
  • When entering an invoice from a document with multiple pages, if you only attach some of the pages and then hit Save & New or Approve & New it will keep the document up in the left hand pane and move to the next page of the document so you can enter the next invoice associated with that document without needing to close and re-open
  • Can now separate the invoice images uploaded by location so managers only see images for their location in the Docs to Process list.  This can be done with the following:
    • An FTP folder is setup for each location so when an image is uploaded to a specific folder it will have that location associated
    • If emailing, then it will look at the email address it came from and if there is a user associated with that email then it will assign their primary location
    • When uploading manually, it looks up the email address of the user who is uploading and assigns their default location
      • If location is assigned to the image incorrectly, when accounting creates the invoice they can still change the location on the invoice manually
  • Captures the filename of the file that's uploaded instead of overwriting the name with the time stamp
  • By default, doesn't select all pages if the document has more than 5 pages.  Instead assumes this will be multiple invoices so you can check which pages should be included in each (or click Select All if it is 1 invoice)
  • Error log

Commissary - Updated so customers can now login and order from the commissary, not just internal locations

  • Option added to top ribbon for Commissary - New Commissary Order so that orders can be created on the fly instead of only in the automated nightly process
  • Customer form updated with tab to set commissary login access (customers given this access will only be able to see Commissary Orders list and Commissary AR Invoices list in left hand navigation, and in the top ribbon will only be able to access Commissary - New Commissary Order 
  • Commissary form and Mass Fulfillment form updated to include customer instead of just location

Minor Features

AP Invoice

  • Prevent Duplicate Number - new field added to system preferences to set what happens when a duplicate invoice number is entered.  Duplicate Options: Allowed, Allowed With Warning, Not Allowed

Bank Activity

  • Bank Rules can now be setup to match on name or comment (previously only name) and you can specify 2 matching conditions (previously just 1).  
    • Example is if Comment = "IRV xx9292" and IRV designates the location and 9292 is the expense type, then you can setup a rule where Condition = Comment Starts With and Value = IRV; then Condition 2 = Comment Contains and 2nd Value = 9292
  • Last Activity Upload field added to bank account and shown in bank activity screen, so you can see when the last date was that you uploaded activity for each account
Check Run
  • ACH flag added to the invoice select grid so you can easily see which vendors are ACH
  • Export to Excel option added to check list preview tab so you can export the check run summary and review or email to others prior to creating the checks
Daily Sales Summary
  • Deposits tab now allows entry of up to 3 deposits instead of just 1 - this will create a separate journal entry detail for bank reconciliation for each deposit amount entered
  • Mass DSS now allows entry of up to 2 deposits instead of 1, and received other minor formatting updates
  • Exceptions tab updates: can now be sorted by various columns in that grid, and also the Exception Employee dropdown excludes inactive employees
  • New security role named Hide DSS Journal Entry Tab that will do exactly that for users with this role when they're in the DSS form
  • System setting added to preferences to set whether employee full names are stored as "Last Name, First Name" or "First Name Last Name"
  • When running franchising billing, user can now enter a Payment Date which will be the date on any AR Payments that get created during this process
List Updates
  • Employees list: Added Inactive column, created pre-saved system lists for Active Employees and Inactive Employees, Added first and last name columns
  • Daily Sales Summaries list: Added Paidout Total column
  • Vendors list: Added Tax ID, Default Expense Account columns
  • GL Types list: Added Type, Typical Balance, Financial Report, Sort Order columns
Login Screen
  • Updated to include a Feature Highlight section with a link to learn more, Terms & Conditions, and other formatting changes
Items & Recipes
  • When printing out the recipe it now includes the image of the recipe on that printout
  • Confirmation window when selecting to "Update Recipe Costs" from the main ribbon (Item - Update Recipe Cost)
  • Item form update so recipes listed in the "Recipes On" tab can now be drilled to by double clicking the row and this will open that recipe form


  • New Report: P&L Format of Location Side by Side Budget Only
  • Updates to Flash report: Daily comments entered in DSS now show on the flash report
  • Location selection update: On reports that allow users to filter by location, this will now use the system-wide setting on Preferences for whether you lookup location by name or name and number both
  • Updates to Balance Sheet Layout Format: Shows sort order for GL Types
  • Deposit ticket can now be printed out from bank deposit form
  • The following 3 inventory reports are not ready as of the publishing of this document but will be ready before Thanksgiving:
    • Updates to Item Theoretical Qty Analysis: Added parameters for item category 1, 2, and 3.  Added option to subtotal by different values.  Added ability to run for a range of dates by selecting multiple stock counts instead of just one 


  • When entering a new shift, shift templates are displayed in order of job title then start time on that template so its easier to find the template you want

Stock Count

  • Item Review tab - This new tab on the stock count form shows a summary of each item in the count (sums up if you count certain items in multiple storage locations) and compares to the previous count quantity.  If drastically different qty, it will show a flag so the user can review to make sure that was counted correctly.  Possible flags: Twice as much, Less than half, and 0 Qty

Vendors & Customers

  • Comment Field - added a comment field to vendors and customers and added it to the respective lists so you can search or sort vendors this way in the vendor list
  • Vendor Available to Managers - added a checkbox on Vendor Additional Info tab of the Vendor form which designates which vendors are available for managers to select (if not checked then this vendor isn't available for managers to choose on AP transactions)
  • Vendor Items Only - added a field on Vendor Additional Info tab of the Vendor form allowing to set "Items Available on Invoice" where user can choose Vendor Items Only or All Items
  • Customer Tax ID - Tax Id field added to Customer Additional Info tab of Customer form so you can track this for your customers