Here is the list of new or updated features in this release:

Catering (Beta) - This major new feature allows the ability to sell, track, and bill catering events in Restaurant365.  In order to use this module it must be activated by Restaurant365 staff so if you are interested in activating, please email  Beta timeframe is anticipated to be 3 months.  A few highlights are listed below:

  • Click here for catering training
  • View catering events on a calendar by day/week/month that is clickable to add new or open existing events
  • Events on calendar are color coded by status
  • Calendar can be filtered by status, catering rep, room, site, or location (i.e. show me only events for this sales person, etc)
  • Track event status with dates for each status including a cancelled status with cancelled reasons so you can report on how quickly events move through different status' and common reasons for cancellation
  • Menu packages can be setup and given categories and when adding to events, you can further customize the packages to include or exclude individual items if desired
  • Items can be added on the fly and broken into categories such as Food, Equipment, Labor, etc
  • Break events into segments if desired with segment start and end times and specific menu items added to individual segments.  Event calendar can also be viewed by segment
  • Track sites, rooms, custom times, and custom event types & sources
  • Tax, commission, service charge, and gratuity rates can be set for the entire event or each item category can have its own rate (i.e. some items can be tax exempt or exempt from service charge)
  • Contracts can be printed and emailed to the customer with custom contract terms and conditions language for each event or standard language for all events
  • Custom payment schedules set on events and when payments marked as paid this updates AR module also
  • Financial tab on events will give profit/loss for that specific event
  • Many reports to analyze catering including receivables aging and event profitability
  • Track commission on events and print a commissions report
  • Security roles for catering managers, catering reps, and view only
  • Create follow up tasks and running notes for events
  • Linked to Restaurant365 scheduling so employee shifts can be assigned to specific events
  • Linked to Restaurant365 receivables so catering invoices and payments are fully integrated with the Restaurant365 accounting module
  • MOBILE VIEW - view events and event details in mobile app so catering details can be viewed in real-time while at the event

Bank Activity - Now the Create Rule checkbox is unchecked by default and when a rule is created the Bank Account will default to the current checking account instead of All


  • New option to link a location to a franchisee so when running billing can choose to include sales on DSS records within the range to bill from
  • Ability to select which items to bill for when running the process so certain items can be billed on one bill and other items on another bill (can be for different legal entity)
  • Employee photo added to Scheduled Now view so people looking at who is working now can see a picture also (added to web app and mobile app)
  • Can now add photos to announcements which will show for everyone viewing the announcement (in web app and mobile app)
AR Invoice - can now have detail rows hit a GL account directly instead of having to assign an Item on every row
  • Now have option to export to current version of Excel which can handle more rows, or to Excel 2003 version
  • GL Details - when drilling down from P&L the Sum By Transaction report default for the user will now default during drill down
  • GL Details - now user can sort by columns in this report
  • Accounting Clerk role created which allows same access as accounting manager but cannot approve
  • Scheduler role updated so it hides pay rates and pay dollar totals from schedule and employee forms
  • POS Import: Can mark jobs as Exclude which will prevent labor entries from importing for those jobs
  • POS Import: Can setup on preferences to import sales accounts broken out by location (i.e. can have a sales category named Appetizers post to different accounts at different locations)
  • Purchased Item Import: User no longer needs to set Type = Purchased and Active = Yes, the system assumes this on import now
GL Account Form - Transactions list on GL Account form now sorts by date descending by default so its easy to see most recent transactions first