Here is the list of new or updated features in this release:

Commissary Ordering - This new feature facilitates your locations making orders to your commissary and then commissary recording delivery of those orders.  A link to the full training and some key elements of the process are listed below

  • Click here for the full commissary training
  • Commissary manager creates a template of which items are available from the commissary
  • Set schedules for which locations get delivered to on which days of the week and can set cutoff days/times for when the orders must be submitted for those deliveries
  • Can setup automatic alerts (text/email) to warn a location manager if their cutoff time is approaching and their order is not yet submitted
  • Order form contains a list of all items available at the commissary and the location manager just enters Order Qty on the items they wish to order this time
  • To help fill out order form, next to each item on the form it will show the last ordered qty and date, average order qty over the past 8 weeks, and a recommended quantity needed based on sales forecast and menu mix
  • Once order is submitted it can be updated by the commissary manager
  • Mass fulfillment screen for commissary manager to fulfill and print reports for a batch of orders all at once
  • Commissary can click 1 button to move Qty Ordered to Qty Fulfilled and can also open individual orders to edit Qty Fulfilled if they weren’t able to fulfill the whole amount ordered
  • Accounting happens when the order is fulfilled.  This creates a fulfillment transaction listing which items/quantities were sent from the commissary to a specific location which will recognize sales at the commissary, cost at the location, and an intercompany due to/from entry to show what the location owes the commissary
  • Commissary Reports:
    • Packing Slip/Pick Ticket
    • Consolidated Production list
    • Commissary Forescast
    • Commissary Order History by Location
    • Commissary Orders list
    • Fulfilled Transactions list

Scheduling Mobile - In the last release of scheduling we provided many features the manager would use such as scheduling calendar for shifts, employee management, and many reports.  This releases add access to scheduling for all employees both on the web and in a mobile app.  Below is a link to the full training as well as a highlight of some key features

  • Click here for the full scheduling training
  • Click here for training on employee access to scheduling features 
  • Click here for training on mobile scheduling features for managers
  • Employees can view their own schedule in the mobile app or on the web
  • Employees can submit time off requests to their manager and be alerted when they are approved/denied by the manager.  These requests will show on the scheduling calendar for managers to reference when setting shifts
  • Employees can request a shift trade with a co-worker who can then accept or reject and if accepted then it goes to the manager for approval and then alerts the employees of the status
  • Employees can request to drop shifts which go to manager to approve/deny and then alert the employee of the status
  • Employees can claim open shifts from the mobile app or on the web
  • Employees can now see manager announcements on their mobile device or the web
  • Managers can use the mobile app for many scheduling features as well

Location Categories - 10 new user defined reporting category fields have been added so you can assign locations to different categories (such as regions, areas, districts) and then filter reports by those categories.  Click here for training on location categories

Bank Rec - Added ability to upload attachments to bank reconciliations such as a bank statement

Lookup Field Enhancements - Just as the setting in preferences to lookup GL Accounts by name or number, there is now a setting to do the same for locations.  Enhancements were also made so items and vendors can be looked up by number on all transaction screens as well

DSS Update - Added totals to the labor tab on the DSS form for easy review of daily labor numbers

List Update - Added Payment Terms as columns to vendor list