Restaurant365's Post COVID-19 Tool Kit

Recovering from mandated closures during the COVID-19 Pandemic can bring multiple challenges, but your use of R365 should not be one of them. The Restaurant365 Post COVID-19 Tool Kit reviews valuable procedures when implementing Restaurant Locations that m...

What are some best practices during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a devastating impact on the restaurant industry in recent weeks. We understand the challenges you are facing and want to support you with additional resources on how to manage your Inventory and Restaurant Operations through t...

Why is my item costing off?

Depending on the setting you’ve chosen for an item, its inventory cost is either automatically calculated based off previous AP invoices / commissary orders or is manually entered and maintained.  When an item’s cost isn’t automatically updating or is ...

What do I do if I skipped Stock Counts?

Stock Counts should be entered consistently, but if your restaurant was closed, you may have skipped your End of Month (EOM) Stock Count. Entering EOM Stock Counts is crucial to ensure that your COGS is trued up. These counts can be easily replaced by comp...

How do I resume taking Stock Counts after not taking them for weeks?

When you resume taking Stock Counts after being closed during this pandemic, you will need two Stock Counts to reflect actual COGS usage. The first count will establish how much in Inventory you have in house. This count should be compared against you...

Why can’t I login to R365 on my Desktop?

Each database (sometimes referred to as 'instance') and User in R365 is unique.  There are a few reasons why you may not be able to login to R365. First, ensure that you are using Google Chrome and then review the following list of reasons you ca...

Why can't I login to R365 on my Mobile App?

Each database (sometimes referred to as 'instance') and User in R365 is unique.  There are a few reasons why you may not be able to login to R365. Review the following list of reasons you cannot login, followed by a list of possible solutions.  ...

What is my R365 domain?

Each R365 domain is unique to a User's restaurant Organization and will need to be entered while logging in to the R365 Red and Black Apps. An Employee's R365 instance is the domain name + '', or https://yourd...

R365's 'Back to School' Tips & Tricks

8/17/20 Hello R365 Family, As everyone heads back to school (either virtually or in-person) we wanted to get in on the learning fun by sharing some knowledge to help each of you get the most out of R365.  For the next several weeks we'll drop ...

Contact R365 Support

If you're ever unable to find the answers you need in our Support Center, you can always reach out to our Support team for help. Please be aware that if you're in the onboarding process or need a refresher of a topic covered during onboarding, th...

Why isn’t my email working to email Transactions, Check Stubs, or ACH files?

If you are unable to use the ‘Email Link’ and other ‘Email’ functions within R365, it is often because your User Email Settings either need to be set up, or have been entered incorrectly. If emailing from R365 worked previously, you may have recently reset...

How do I figure out which check paid which invoice?

There are two reports that can help you determine which check paid a given invoice. For details on these reports, see the following articles: Payments Created Paid Invoice Distribution

Why can’t I print a check with a signature?

Only Users with the ‘Print Check Signature’ security role can print checks with signature in R365.  If you are unable to print a check with a signature, contact the R365 Admin in your organization to request this access.  You will also want to verify that ...

How do I print a sales ticket?

To print a sales ticket, follow these steps: 1. Access the Operations module. 2. Under the Sales heading, select Sales Tickets. 3. Double-click the row corresponding to the ticket you would like to print. If necessary, use the column header search op...

Why can't I create transactions to Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable?

Restaurant R365 automatically uses the settings in Preferences where GL accounts are assigned to Accounts Payable/Receivable. When you create AP or AR transactions in the system, the line items to AP / AR are auto-created and work in conjunction with your ...

Why is the cost of my item so high / low?

Depending on the setting you’ve chosen for an item, its inventory cost is either automatically calculated based off previous AP invoices / commissary orders or is manually entered and maintained.  When an item’s cost isn’t automatically updating or is ...

What if my stock counts have disappeared?

By design, stock counts will be saved in R365 until they are manually deleted. Users have accidentally deleted stock counts on occasion. This typically happens when mass-deleting multiple entries from the list of stock counts in the Operations Module. From...

How do I add a new item to an existing Stock Count?

Stock Count Templates can be modified easily at any time through the process listed below. Open the Stock Count Templates listing and double-click the desired Stock Count Template. This will open its record. Navigate to the Storage Locati...

Why does R365 use Periodic Inventory?

Restaurant365 uses the process of Periodic Inventory rather than Perpetual Inventory for several reasons. Perpetual Inventory serves as a one-to-one relationship, where an item is bought and sold as one product. Because of this, Perpetual Inventory Debits ...

How do I update the measure type on a recipe?

The answer to this question is documented in "Adding a New Purchased Item".

How can I get Labor Accruals into R365?

If your employees use your POS system to punch in and out of their shifts, you should be able to import Labor Punches in to R365.  During the POS Integration, you should have set the ‘Import Type’ on the Location record for each POS Integrated Location.  Y...

How do I send employees a message?

There are two primary ways to send your employees a message: You can use our newer Employee Messaging feature. You can use our legacy Announcements feature.

How do I remove a former employee from R365?

Former Employee records should remain in R365 for reporting purposes and should not be deleted. However, you are able to mark a former Employee as 'Inactive' so as to not allow them access to the system. To do this, navigate to the Emplo...

How can an Employee Mobile App User personalize their password?

If you use the R365 Red App for scheduling, your employees can log in from their personal devices to view schedule information. By default, employee passwords are randomly generated upon initial configuration as well as upon password reset. If your emp...

How do I add an employee note?

For the answer to this question, see the Employee Note Tab section of "Employee Record".

How do I get last year’s sales to show up on my Flash Report?

If you are new to R365 and want your prior year (PY) sales to show up alongside your current sales on the Flash Report, you will need to import your ‘Historical Sales’.  These are different than your ‘Beginning Balances’ that you imported during initial se...

What is the Year End Close I see in my GL detail?

In Restaurant365, you don't have to book year-end entries, as this takes place automatically based on your Retained earnings preferences, approved transactions and set YE Close date, at the end of your fiscal year.  Therefore, any adjustments to y...

What is causing my Balance Sheet to be out of balance?

When your Balance Sheet is out of balance, it can be challenging to figure out the initial point when this may have occurred. This article reviews one way that you can decipher when and what caused your Balance Sheet to be out of balance. Step 1: Work...

Why does my 'On Hand' not calculate correctly on my Shopping List?

When creating a Shopping List through Purchasing Assistant, the 'On Hand' amount may appear to be calculated incorrectly due to the fact that it displays a '0' for one or more tems. It is important to keep in mind that the 'On...

What if my weekly reports are not starting on the day I want them to?

A commonly asked question that the Support Team receives is, 'What historical data does the Flash report utilize? Does it look at the actual dates (October 1, 2019, versus October 1, 2018) or does the report utilize a specific day of the week within t...